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Sunday, November 04, 2007

The most dangerous people in America - 11.4.2007.1

**This can be found at Black & White Blog, where I am co-author. You can comment here or at the above site which deals with racial issues from various viewpoints.**

So I was walking to my house on a Sunday at 6:15pm, and I was reminded of something that causes me pause. Young White males. Seriously, they make me nervous. In this case it was because as they drove past me they decided to just scream at me as they drove past relatively slowly. I suppose they expected me to jump or shout or something. I did flinch for a moment as my thoughts were elsewhere.

But when you think about it, many claim young Black males are dangerous. How silly. While many African Americans may posture and dress like the ready-for-prison crowd, they in fact are just regular kids. Few actually commit crimes, especially violent ones though the major media likes to play it as if they do nothing but felonies.

But young White males are dangerous. High school shootings? White males. Most petty crimes, the same. Nooses hung from trees and various other places? White males. ‘Redneck row’ and other whites’ only places enforced by White males. Bensonhurst, and so on and so on.

Why? Because a White male can bring a shotgun to a school and have no penalty. A White male can instigate fights and be seen as the victim. A West Virginia – the men had half a dozen or more arrests, one being for murder, not counting the women) which the media buried and refuse to discuss.

So when you face the fact that the media, law enforcement, and far too many people have an absolute fear of me, while I am less likely to do anything, you see things differently. I’m fearful and cautious because if I confront young White males acting badly, I stand a better than average chance of being the one that goes to jail. I get nervous because the real possibility of me being harmed is high. Because I am a Black Puerto Rican I stand a great chance of being killed, by the police, young White males, or the lack of timely medical attention.

In fact, even at 40, my chances of being killed are higher than Whites of virtually any age or background. So can you imagine why on a Sunday afternoon I was startled and nervous when 3 young White men decided to antagonize me for no reason?

So yes, what I fear are young White males. Due to sheer numbers, and sheer number of acts of violence and suffering. Not that any of this is conveyed by the major news media. Not that anyone will notice a start of police shooting down White kids 50 times, even with cause. Not like my fear, or my above average chance of death, will have a reason to diminish as I get older.

Do you share my fear and caution? Why?

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Blogger M. Vass said...

This is a response to comments found at Black & White Blog where I am a co-author and this post also resides.

Ken and OG,

You mention metal detectors in schools, which is tangial to the main aspect of what I am speaking about. You also deflect my post to only include White racist youths. I believe there is more to the issue I was addressing.

But first, the point of the White youths that cause me pause. I do not limit it to racists, or at least those that are overtly racist. I don’t believe that the kids in Columbine were racist. I don’t believe that most of those that have committed high school or college shootings are racist. I don’t believe that Kelly Tilghman is racist. Even the kids that hung the nooses in Jena probably weren’t racist. In all their minds they weren’t intending to be racist, they were just being White Americans.

That is not to say that all White Americans are like the people I have just mentioned. But I do mean to say that there is a difference in thought that is a given as a White American as opposed to being anything else. Whites do not question if the police will shoot them 50 times for trying to enter their own home, or if a cab will stop to pick them up at any time of the day. Whites do not question being mistaken for a drug dealer because of the clothing they wear or the area they are in and being shot by police for it (as recently happened to a Black 13 year old boy). Whites do not question if they will be charged more on loans, car purchases, and mortgages. Whites do not question why a crack house next door to them for 4 years is allowed to exist. Whites do not presume that a car full of any group will drive up and jump out to beat them, randomly, and get away with it. Whites do not question if 10 policemen will arrive within minutes at their house because of an odd sound that is called in, and search it for an hour only to find a cat (as happened to a friend of mine in New Jersey one month ago). These are givens. For any person of color it is not.

Now to your point about the metal detectors.

First, considering the spree of high school shootings across the country, predominately in smaller towns with minimal minority residency, I would think that metal detectors would be welcomed. But if the concept, ‘My kid wouldn’t do that’, or ‘It won’t happen here’ is better, se la vie.

Secondly, metal detectors are predominant, to my knowledge, in city schools. That includes all schools whether they have a high number of Blacks, Whites, Hispanics or otherwise. Of course because they are in cities the proportion of people of color is higher. Equally as important is the fact that there has not been a single high school shooting around a school in a city, and only one in a college in Washington State. And the most important fact I believe is that, to my knowledge, there has never been a school shooting that has been executed by African Americans or Hispanic/Latinos.

That is important because there is no question that there are more guns, crime, and gangs in cities than most small towns across America. So the relevance of metal detectors to school shootings is moot, I believe. Thus the problem is not the weapons but the people committing the crimes. And just as with mass murders the overwhelming antagonists are Whites.

Now would I vote to remove the metal detectors in the South Bronx? No.

I don’t see a reason to tempt fate. At the same time I do not confuse the fact that metal detectors, that have been in place far longer than school shootings have been occurring, are in schools with the prevention of shootings around the schools or in neighborhoods that hold as many people in one block as some towns hold. Especially whey you consider inner city areas that are rife with drugs and gangs.

So again I present you the thought, that even when considering the overwhelming opportunity in cities, that has existed at least since I was in school some 35 years ago, the most dangerous people in America have been and continue to be White youths.

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

black people are really dangerous

7:04 PM  
Blogger M. Vass said...

This is a repost of a comment made at Black & White Blog


Dude, Colombine was like 10 years ago literally this is 2008 that was in 1998. The number 1 cause of deaths for blacks below the age of 30 is homicide and that is not because whites are killing them it is because they are killing each other. The number 1 cause of death for all other racial groups under 30 are accidents. Your trying to be a pain by persisting in denying reality. You want to say something hateful and mean to whites, but i for 1 don't care. Your black and if your murdered in this country there is a 94% chance it is another black man that kills you. I'm white and if I'm killed there is an 89% chance that another white dude pulled the trigger.

3:27 PM  
Blogger M. Vass said...

Further comments from Black & White Blog

Kay Says:
August 5th, 2008 at 5:39 pm e
white people arent the only ones who shoot up schools. fuckin look at virginia tech that asian dude shot the most people in a shooting so how bout you leave color outta all this.

david Says:
August 6th, 2008 at 9:20 pm e

Written by Michael Vass


First, please leave the vulgarity out of your comments. I’m sure that you are smart enough to think of words that can convey your thoughts without going into the gutter. In the future any comments containing such language will be deleted.

I never said that Whites are the only people to commit school shootings. Though I only am aware of one case since shool shootings began where Whites were not the shooter. So, in fact, color is in this.

And as you probably read in my many replies and the original post, Whites are the most numerous violent criminals in America. That is fact.

If this post has angered you, ask yourself this: Why does a reality make you upset? Are you more comfortable thinking that non-Whites are more violent? If so, why does that comfort you?

And David,

Yes it is. I hope that it is leading to introspection and understanding though.

11:00 AM  
Blogger M. Vass said...

porsha Says:
October 22nd, 2008 at 1:50 am e
I am a young African American woman growing up in philadelphia,pa. which is a mostly black city. I have never personally expierienced rascism hopefully I never will. I’m commenting because people like christy upset me . your a human just the same as the next regardless of color. If you truly believe in god and believe he created us all than know he is in control of everything . Why raise your family to be rascist ? I hate no certain people. And further more if you have a problem with all blacks come see me in philly i’ll give you an ass whooping you’ll never forget . And guess what I love all who love me I respect all who respect me. Think about the day of judgement when god asks you why have you hated his creation for no reason . And one more thing the crimes white people commit are fucking crazy like killing and eating people,fucking their own kids and sisters and sons,fucking the little boys from the little league,and all types of other shit like killing their wifes because the don’t wanna get divorced.and as far as the jews go their are black jews also. you should be mad at the real white people europeans they killed and enslaved the jews and still don’t like them untill this day. your not white your a jew get it correct.

12:36 AM  
Blogger M. Vass said...

Comments as found at Black and White Blog, where I am a co-author.

Ronny Says:
February 17th, 2009 at 2:02 pm e
Sir I need you to dempstrate how you broke down those figures on crime. Im in the middle of a hot debate on the same issue on Topixs. The forum is End Black History Month. Any assistance would be most helpful.Thanks and Thankyou.

2:50 PM  
Blogger M. Vass said...


The figures all come from the Government.

Further records can be found from the D.O.J. 2006 reports, which were the most recent at the time of the post.

2:50 PM  
Blogger M. Vass said...

Logan Calder Says:
February 19th, 2009 at 3:06 pm e
holy cow — I just read that entire string of comments. Hey Michael, on your numbers (we all know can be spun however someone wants) the only weakness I want to point out is that you are using shear volumes. This is completely unfair because it should be based on percent of population as percent of crime, and you know this I think. Your spin is showing that Whites commit the most crimes (simplifying), but by percent of population, Blacks clearly commit the highest percent per capita. Obviously, if there are 1 million cats and 50,000 cows - the cats are going to eat more volume, but the cows may eat more per animal. This could probably be further broken down to single parent households, household income levels, location, and many others– all allowing a spin.
People see this and know it. This is a critical platform of prejudice (not racism). Because of this, I continue to say, the Black community has to take responsibility. People dont want to be judged by their cover, but that is a fact of life. Black culture seems to accept very negative actions by Black people as a “Black thing” and it is often embarrasing, and frankly, alot of it is simply a big “F You” to the “man”. I recently was at a gas station with my family getting gas, a truck pulled up with a rap blaring so loud I couldnt hear anything else, and every other word was “mutha f-ing nig***s”. It was a Black man working for the city - IN A CITY VEHICLE!!.
My point is that negative stereotypes are based on reality. Your numbers are spun to help you make your point, but I dont think people are going to fall for it. Prison poplation, violent crime rates, all crime rates per capita for that matter, abortion rates, single mother households, even race on race crime, and many other negatives are all led by Blacks when you compare percent of population. This is not an attack, but White people will throw this in your face when you go after them. You isolate many clear issues of unfair events towards Blacks, but I think, as all things, there is a balance. when you are extreme on one side, you will get extremes on the other. I was suprised to see you allow Christy to drag you into attacking White people as a whole with your references towards “gene pools” and things, I didnt expect that racial superiority angle from you.

12:20 PM  
Blogger M. Vass said...

Comment as found at Black and White Blog, where I an co-author.

Amy Says:
April 7th, 2009 at 11:10 pm e
Oh my goodness, I can not believe what I just read. I am attending college right now and for fun I am taking some criminal justice classes because the FACTS are interesting. Mike you have threw out a ton of numbers and yes they are facts whereas the others have just given their opinion. It sounds to me like no one really wants to know that a white male in their early twenty’s is to be said the most to committ violent offenses and that is a fact.

1:18 PM  
Blogger M. Vass said...

Comment as found at Black and White Blog, where I am co-author.

John Says:
April 29th, 2009 at 7:47 am e
Why is it that the most white american area, white hispanics included and asian even non-white hispanic arease are the safest places to live? Why do you not here when Blacks and non-white hispanics or amerindians kill eachother in school, because its not news. A inner-city high school no one cares about we all know crime is there gangs,ect. Drop the im the victim card and see where the real problem is

8:16 AM  
Blogger M. Vass said...

Well that is a very over-simplified, inaccutate, and myopic view of things.

For all of my 35+ years of living in major cities and going to school there, I have yet to hear of any incident equal to or even comparable to Columbine - or any of the other growing number of places across the nation where young White males go beserk. Not exactly what I call safe is it?

Gangs exist in White and Black, and everything else. Or have you not heard of the KKK, Hell’s Angels, and other neo-nazi, anti-government survivalist, racists groups? There are far too many to name, and each one is a gang. (though some Hell’s Angels have tried to clean up their act).

And there are massive numbers of people that have grown up in the cities that have gone on to become leaders in their community and for the nation. Ever heard of General Colin Powell? Just one example. Of course cities are diversified and the neighborhood Dom DeLuise grew up in was little different than the one you imagine is isolated from the rest of the city. It makes me wonder if you have ever lived in a major, or large, city.

But all this distracts from the facts at hand. The raw numbers, from the Government, prove my ascertion. White males from 18 - 25 are the most dangerous people in America, committing the most violent crimes. It’s a fact. You don’t like it, but there it is. Oh, just as a side note, the majority of serial killers are White males age 25 - 45. Plus I believe (don’t have the hard facts on this at hand) the majority of “gone postal”, mass murderers are White males as well.

So learn to read carefully, because I’ve never claimed to be a victim. But I won’t sit back and allow injustice and bias to prevail if I can help it. Like the stereotypical comment you made.

8:16 AM  
Blogger M. Vass said...

Comment as found at Black and White Blog, where I am co-author.

Destiny Says:
May 7th, 2009 at 8:58 am e

Caucasians are scary but African Americans are equally scary. I’m horrible at debating so I really won’t do an entire “back-and-forth” argument with you but I will allow myself to say a few things.

There is still crime and prejudice in this world, of that I have no doubt. There is also racial fear but things aren’t as bad as they used to be. Before, the majority of us (African Americans and Caucasians)used to hate and fear each other. Now, we’re slowly learning to survive together in this cruel world. Yes, we have stuff we still need to work on but that’s ALL of us. You can’t just expect things to change expediently;acceptance on both accounts takes time.

I guess that’s really all I wanted to say: things aren’t as a bad as they used to be and we’re all trying. We all have to overcome centuries of learned hatred. For just a few short decades we are all doing marvelous, both us African Americans and us Caucasians.

By the way, this is just MY opinion… please don’t skewer me alive for it like you’ve been doing to the majority of everyone who disagrees with you. It’s very unbecoming to be so blatantly inhospitable on your own blog.

3:09 PM  
Blogger M. Vass said...


Thank you for your comment. You point out a good observation. Things are far better than 100, or 50 years ago. That is not to say that race relations, or perceptions, are good. They may get there one day, but as we all know there are problems that must be addressed along the path.

I realize that everything on this blog is an opinion. There may be facts used to support or defend that opinion, but that is all it is. The goals for me is to spark conversation, and confront the truly ignorant (racist) views that are floating out there.

It may be inhospitable or unbecoming to take a comment, written in support of an untrue concept, and demonstrate its illogic and fallicy. But I believe that if someone who opposes a view I hold makes a comment in an agressive or attacking manner - I will respond in kind. I just happen to be better at doing so and remaining on point and defending my position.

Don’t be thrown by the strength of what I say. That is my conviction and in some cases my desire to whittle through addled minds and clouded reasoning.

Note that I do not attack any respectful, honest, logical comment. I may not agree, but I do not skewer. I respect every reader and comment I have. Until I receive a comment that necessitiates such a response. Such as the Christy’s of the world.

I should also note that, out of respect of every comment I receive, I try to address every logical point that a person makes to me. You took the time to read what I said and respond, you found weaknesses in my point of view or questioned the logical outcome or brought in valid thoughts I failed to cover, and that deserves a response. If I cannot defend a point of view as stated in a post, then I must re-think that view, or completely change it. Such is the nature of debate and intellectual growth. I hope that my readers benefit from such a discourse.

So again Destiny, I thank you for your comment. And I hope you better understand the nature and reasoning for my repsonses. I hope to hear from you again.

3:35 PM  
Blogger M. Vass said...

Comment as found at Black and White Blog, where I am co-author.

Destiny Says:
May 12th, 2009 at 1:52 pm e

No, I’m not thrown by the strength of what you say. It is BECAUSE of your strength and conviction that I find your blog worth reading. Your hold on your views is something to contend with. What I was thrown by, however, was the back-and-forth insult fest between you and Christy.

I won’t get involved for it wasn’t my argument; I just wanted to let it be known that I was kind of disappointed that you allowed yourself to fall into such a childish spar when it came to Christy. You are a strong voice, I’m sure, in the African American community, and it was a shock to see you allowing someone with a different opinion debase you.

As a future columnist, I hope to one day travel the world and write about important matters with the same conviction that you show in your writings. Forgive me if I was a bit disheartened to know that the things that affect me and cause me to respond childishly at the age of twenty will probably still affect me when I’m in my forties.

2:24 PM  
Blogger M. Vass said...


Thank you for the compliment.

Yes, I must admit that I was sucked into a low flame war with Christy. It was something that I should have ended before I started. But after years of writing and hundreds of comments on over 100 blogs - including 3 of my own - I must admit that there are days where you just fall into such a trap. Even moreso when the subject matter is controversial and prone to misinterpetation.

I hope that you are successful in your future as a writer. I truely wish to see your column filled with passion and intelligence on subjects you hold dear. But do take my flame war as a reminder to always try to maintain a cool head and thick skin. You will not always succeed, none of us that do this for a living can, every day. Still it is the attempt to avoid such action 95% of the time that marks the best of us. At least in my opinion.

And I thank you for continuing to be a reader of mine, even with my moments without grace. It’s difficult to maintain the quality, and quantity, of material that I and other do. We all have our off days and mishaps. So it is enheartening to hear comments that remind me why I do this in the first place. It helps me to redouble my efforts to provide the best quality on the subjects I cover.

I continue to strive to live up to the compliments you have given me, and more importantly the readership and time you have rewarded me with.

2:24 PM  
Blogger M. Vass said...

Comment as found at Black and White Blog, where I am co-author.

Logan Calder Says:
May 20th, 2009 at 8:26 pm e
Wow Michael, I have not been here in a few weeks and to my suprise I find that you are still using the “dangerous white male bull”. This is your blog so you can do what you want, but your clear and purposeful mis-representation of facts has now lumped you into just another biased politician who tries to spin facts to his or her own personal agenda. In your case you are clearly racist towards Whites and want to pretend that White males are more dangerous than some other race because they commit more crimes, all the while leaving out the FACT that this number is based soley on percent of total people in the country, which are mostly White. Any thinking adults know and fully understand, that by percentage of population, Black males are far more likely to commit violent crimes than any other segment of people in America. And guess what else:

in Japan, Japanese commit more crimes
in Africa, Blacks commit more crimes
in Mexico, Mexicans commit more crimes
and on and on and on, of course Whites commit the most crimes, they are the majority of the population!!!. Your statement is mis leading and not relevant to reality, and is clearly based on your own insecurities, said out loud to make you feel better. Pathetic… I thought you might be different than the rest of the spin doctors out there…but you are clearly not.
Here is a simple test. Why dont you post the last 20 years (or whatever) of all negative stats you can think of…abortion rate, welfare rate, murder rate, violent crime rate, drug crime rate, race on race crime rate, all race crime rate…then break it down to percent of population.
In case you dont understand, that means if there are 65 Whites and 15 Blacks, if the Whites commit 10 crimes and the Blacks commit 5 crimes — this means the Blacks are far more dangerous even though as a whole Whites committed more crimes. You will find that Blacks rank worst in every category.
The difference here is that if a White person wrote the truth in an article they would be called a racist for pointing it out. But a Black person can spew out any lie they want, to show a negative racist view of White people and no one says anything. And you cry about White racism??, you deserve it.

2:55 AM  
Blogger M. Vass said...


Correction. This is not my blog. My blogs are Black Entertainment USA and VASS. My corporation is M V Consulting, Inc. This is a blog that I co-author.

I must admit that I am not at all shocked by your refusal to accept the dangerous nature of young White males. Most White Americans have difficulty with this, much the same than many people of color have trouble accepting the violent nature of their own racial groups. But I have never denied that every group in America has a portion that commit crimes. I just outlined the facts that are misrepresented on televsions, newspapers and all other forms of media.

I don’t care what is happening in Japan, Africa or anywhere else in the world. I am an American, this is an American issue. My concern is centered on this nation.

What you continue to fail to understand is that while it should be obvious that the majority of crimes in America are committed by the majority group of Americans, the media and thus the population tend to not believe this fact. That misunderstansding creates a barrier based on race that should not exist in this nation. Or anywhere for that matter.

You can call me a politician, a spin doctor, pathetic and many other things. I have a thick skin, and I have been writing for years. I’ve heard all the names that people use to hide from posts I have made that they dislike. In every case, the names never detract from the facts I have presented.

But I will present you a simple math question. What is more, 10% of 10, or 5 of 10. Such is the nature of the main question I posed. The answer is the point of my post. More of anything means it is greater. So more money equals greater wealth, just as more criminals equates to greater danger. Or is this simple math too difficult for you to understand? (By the way, your own example proves my point as it states that Whites are 2x as dangerous as Blacks)

The truth has been presented with empirical data, reasoning, and logic. If you chose to label it so you can refute it without fact, logic or reason go ahead. It will not change what I have presented.

**Oh, by the way. While your attack on Amy has stayed on this blog do not believe it is condoned or supported. It does not exist on my blogs, and any future such instance, by anyone, will be summarily removed from this blog as well.

I have written this post. Like all my blogs, I expect and receive comments that are vulgar, insulting, and insipid on a regular basis. Such was the choice I made years ago to confront these comments. My readers and those that choose to comment did not make the same choice, and deserve respect.

Logan, you attacked Amy because she does not agree with your point of view. Such an act was lowly. You did not debate her view, nor present facts and logic to disuade her. You just made the blog equivalent of shouting her down. A Neanderthal could have done that.

It did not impress me, nor likely anyone that read your comments. You did not gain new supporters of your views. You did nothing but alienate a reader and others that share the view.

I had hoped that Amy, or another reader would have pointed out these facts. They have not, so I will.

But in the future, there will never again be such a callous commentary against anyone stating a point of view here, just as I will not allow it on my blog. That does not just cover those I agree with, but also those I do not.

If you wish to try to insult me, go ahead. I could care less about such attempts to shake my resolve via shouts and tantrums. And in writing the posts I have opened myself to such base acts. But this is the first and last warning.

2:55 AM  
Blogger M. Vass said...

Comment as found at Black and White Blog, where I am co-author.

Logan Calder Says:
May 21st, 2009 at 12:42 pm e
Perfect. You have perfected the art of deflection without substance. Instead of being honest about your biased assault on Whites with your casual use of surface “facts” as you call them, while fully knowing in your own head that your words are mis leading for your own racial alignment, you come back with “I dont care what happens in Japan” and re-use the same data that you know is not representative of the individual guilt you have charged, but simply a mass number. My point was to show you (and you know this) that mass numbers mean nothing when the individual make up are not equal, especialy when used in the racial attack form that you have chosen.
Michael, you know this is true. I read your posts and fully understand your motivation. The point to all of my reponses of this and previous is this. What you are doing is crossing the line of perpetuating racism by not being honest. Anyone can point out some sort of statistic to make their own race appear “better”. The problem I have with you, is you attack people for doing so, then turn around and play the same game. You will find, that if you continue down that road, you will have an audience of racist Black people that love you, and no one else. My insults were directed at your weak position based on the fact that I think very highly of you and have come to expect a higher level of “facts” from you. You know what I am saying, you dont owe me anything or need to be repected by me, I am nobody but a thinking person who is tired of racist crap from both sides of the aisle.
I believe fully, that had you read a blog with a negative “statistic” about your own race that you knew was a mis representation, that you would have something very strong to say about it.
Amy is a perfect example of what your mis-leading statement does to young people who are still learning. Did this article serve an honest purpose in guiding her thought process going forward?, besides, your own inter-action with Christy (?) was far more insulting than anything I wrote.
Boot me if you like, I am honest.

3:28 PM  
Blogger M. Vass said...

I stand by the facts of the United States Government, the logical conclusions I have drawn, the reasoning involved in my post and replies to comments. You have refuted none of these. If you feel that my comments have crossed some line, and are making a statement about all Whites, then I feel you have misunderstood what I have said.

As for my readers, they are a mix of every race, income level, and educational background from over 125 countries each month at virtually every blog that I own or write for. Depending on the post some agree or disagree with what I think. Overall, I believe that 90%+ of my readers respect me and the convictions I have. I am greatful to each and every one of them for that. And I respect all my readers and commentors, even those I disagree with - as long as they are respectful to each other, and do not use vulgarity.

And you did cross a line with your comments to Amy. You should apologize. Disagreement is one thing, what you did was another.

Lastly, about Christy. I have already stated in other comments that I allowed myself to be dragged into a flame war. I admit my failure on that point. Still that was an attack on me started by her. Again I state that I don’t care what people say about me or call me, I am the author and expect the worst from the net from time to time. And I retain the right to respond in kind, if I so choose. But, I will not abide such commentary against my readers that choose to comment. Even if I disagree with their commentary.

So no, I will not boot you. As long as you refrain form viciously attacking other commentors and do not use vulgar language. I may not agree, but I support your ability to voice your own opinion. As I do with everyone. Though my warning still stands.

3:28 PM  
Blogger M. Vass said...

Logan Calder Says:
May 21st, 2009 at 6:09 pm e
fair enough, refuting the facts are simple. In every catagory, Blacks are the only race that has a higher percentage of the crimes committed than their percentage of population. In other words, by shear numbers, they commit more than their fair share of the crimes committed proportionate to their percent of population, and if you are Black, you are 6 times more likely to be attacked by a Black person than a White person.
The sad fact of your own article, is it adds to the idea that Blacks are more likely to commit a crime than any other race when dispersed into equal numbers, particularly Black males. That is a fact, and if a White racist wanted to use this information to slander Blacks as an entire race or segment, they could and probably do - but they are called racist for doing it, a minority can say the opposite without worry.
My problem begins with “why even discuss it?” - there are so many factors that create these numbers that cause these numbers to be irrelevant, such as racial bias in the justice system and income / education factors.
I suppose your title to this entire piece is probably what irked me. As a White male, and a father, I teach my children equality on every level and at their young age I do not think that they see color differences. However, I am finding that racism towards Whites has become somewhat acceptable in the mainstream and it seems to be considered racist to teach your children to be proud to be White. In the city I live in there are “Brown Pride” stickers everywhere, my son, who is learning to read, now asks what that means…how do I explain equality when he asks if he can have a “White Pride” sticker on our car?? (which he wouldnt ask, except for the idea that I have to explain why someone feels the need to put a “Brown Pride” sticker on their car).
Again my point– we have to get past all of this dribble. It cant go from “we want to be equal” to “we want to be on top”. I will teach my children all of the true negatives of each race regardless of reason, before I will let them be stepped on because of their skin color. That is why I question why we bring these things up when we could be working toward equality, especialy since all of the statistics work against Blacks.
You could have posted so many things to make your point, unfortunately you went to the single negative possibilty against Whites in all of the stats that could be found, and it is based soley on shear numbers of volume, and by the way, it can be turned around — by shear volume Whites are also the least likely to commit the same crime than any other race, and are therefore “The least dangerous people in America”.

7:59 PM  
Blogger M. Vass said...

Finally we are getting somewhwere.

Yes African Americans have a higher percentage of crime than the percentage of population. As do Hispanic/Latinos. But I am speaking of violent crimes. This does alter the numbers a bit, but that is the focus of the post so I am staying exclusively there. And at no point have I denied the facts of Black on Black crime or any other facet of the facts pertaining to people of color. In fact I have addressed these issues in my blogs, but that is not the point of this post or this blog.

But the question has been and continues to be the perception of people of color, the medias influence on that perception, and the ingrained nature of how Whites see all this. Because no matter how you wish to come back to percentages or alter the view (”the least dangerous people”) the fact is that the greatest threat is from the greatest numbers. This fact cannot be disputed. But have you noticed the response to this fact?

Yes the title irked you. And many others. It wasn’t meant to, it was meant to present a reality that obviously many want to refuse to hear or see. Why might that be?

Which is why it must be discussed. Because if we cannot state facts without the repercussion of rage just because it is unpopular, then equality will never be attained. You can teach your kids whatever you wish, but you are also teaching them your rage at the suggestion of fact you dislike. You are allowing them to be guided by the very media that places a bias in its every action.


8:03 PM  
Blogger M. Vass said...

Of course there are many factors to why any group of people commit crimes. I am not addressing that here. But I am addressing the perception that by being a person of color I am assumed to be “the idea that Blacks are more likely to commit a crime than any other race when dispersed into equal numbers”. Because the fact is that the greatest number of violent crimes are made by White males age 18-29. The fact is that White males are most likely to go postal, commit mass murders, be sociopaths, and/or be serial murderers. But these facts never cause a White male to be seen as a danger to anyone. Yet a person of color is seen as a terrorist, a drug dealer, a criminal. And that is a problem.

I have said over and over again, with examples going back years if not decades, how the media has driven home the perception that any person of color is dangerous. This blog highlights many of those arguements. But it is the simple statement of fact that caused instant outrage among some. Does that seem fair? Doesn’t that make you question what is going on?

You wonder about Black Pride, as opposed to White Pride. How do you explain them? Well actrually you are only concerned about the pride of people of color, which is not surprising. Because it is the prevalence of White Pride that allows you to have an advantage in America, and to not notice it. Which is why a declaration of anyone else makes you question it. But how do you explain it? The same way you excplain the end of slavery, the Civil War, Jim Crow, segregation, and the importance of President Obama being elected. Because they are all connected, and go hand in hand with why people of color have to declare their pride as opposed to society at large respecting them as a given.

In America, being White grants you a more fair chance in the justice system, it allows for lighter sentences in the penal system, it grants you easier access to higher paying jobs and quicker advancements in that profession, it provides lower interest on mortgages and loans, it enables ease in car and home purchases. Why? Because Whites are seen as trustworthy, and not dangerous. Yet the insistance that people of color must be dangerous ensures what we see daily. Harsher penalties for the same action, fewer chances at advancement, higher costs for credit if any is provided, extreme distrust such that entering an elevator causes many fear. That is what I am talking about in this post. The discrepancy of the mieda’s presentation and the actual facts. Which affects far more people than most would like to admit, in ways few ever admit.


8:04 PM  
Blogger M. Vass said...

Why else is there so much rage at my presentation of fact about some Whites. Why is there so much insitance to counter or interpet the facts that I’ve provided. I am sure few if any of my readers are criminals, yet I receive responses as if every White person that reads this is a criminal and wanting to divert the attention from themselves. Such a response tells me that the problems in America are far more ingrained than many think, and without discussion they will remain there.

The reaction to this post and comments say far more than most are willing to see. I have to be wrong, I must absolutely be proven so. Because the world view of many cannot exist without that vindication. because all the miedia focus must be blatantly wrong and biased if I am right. And anyone supporting my views must be shouted down. Because I cannot be allowed to spread any fac t or thought that might disrupt the system of society we have right now. The vested interest of many REQUIRES that Whites cannot be the most dangerous people in America. And this posts brings a challenge to that.

So Logan, no you have not refuted my position. You have in fact reinforced the point I was making from day one. Your attack on Amy (which you have yet to apologize to), and against me, make it blazingly clear that I am correct on multiple levels.

Are Young White Males the most dangerous group of people in America? Yes. But the fact that people of color must be understood and presented as the most dangerous says exactly how far America has moved from the days of slavery, Jim Crow, and segregation.

8:04 PM  
Blogger M. Vass said...

Logan Calder Says:
May 21st, 2009 at 9:09 pm e
right on, I agree with you on the points of conviction and how things are viewed, I always have. I agree that through decades (or centuries) of White dominated society has built unfair, biased walls that I now see as disolving, I also add that Blacks, as a culture, have been willing to accept racial negatives (gansta rap) as a cultural identity, and that only adds to the negative views (with anyone over 18), so there is some blame to be shared.
I did completely refute your assertion as an individual that you lumped into a group unfairly and with skewed data. I could say that no one has ever been killed by a gun as a fact, simply because I support gun owners and choose to view it as only a person can use the gun to kill, it skews the data.
Your defense, that I am defensive in my position, is only predicated on the fact that your assertion is first based on your own defensive position,…thus making my point, you are strongly outspoken about media skewed points of view that negatively impact the overall view of a certain race (and rightly so), but then you come out and do the same thing with this blog.
Isnt one of your motives to stop this type of media (yes, you are media) image molding?? Two wrongs dont make a right, and in this case, your words only add to negative fuel by implying a negative based on race instead of being based on population, and is unfair.
It looks like we will have to agree to disagree. I have enjoyed this debate very much, and have been smiling the whole way through, as you are a master at controlling the forum and sticking to your points. My points are valid, and by broadening the canvas, I believe undermine your original intention and show fault. Either way, you can have the last word.
I look forward to the next conversation.

11:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The vast major of the white race is in denial about who committed the worst crimes and that is mainly because of the black atheletes of today. The media puts more focus on what black atheletes do than whites. It gets twice as much news time and publicity than white crimes.

2:13 PM  

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