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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Eugene Oregon can't speak to African Americans - 3.27.2008.1

If anyone from Eugene Oregon is reading my blogs, I hope that you have a dictionary handy. If not I suppose you can ask a White person from at least 110 countries around the world what my blogs say. I mention this because I just learned that for some reason the city does not seem to know how to speak to Black people.

Seriously. On Fox News at approximately 6:35pm, Dan Springer made a report about the City mandating training to be able to speak with African Americans. Somehow the less than 2% of the population that is Black seems to speak some language that the Americans in Eugene Oregon cannot comprehend.

Ok, I can’t hold it back. You dumb bas****s.

I can believe the insult. Somehow officials there think that English is not enough to allow for communication between Americans in America? Is it because the White Americans in Eugene failed to get an education of any kind? I doubt that. To my knowledge there was no transplanting of an African nation into the town. I am unaware of a Zulu tribe doing a mass immigration into the area. So what is the problem?

I am left with the thought that some White elitist pseudo-intellectual liberal with more money than brains decided that African Americans in the town were being treated unfairly, and the cause was that the White population didn’t know how to speak to them. Were some person to come up to me, and ask ‘How should I speak to you. Do you understand English?’ I would hit them.

I have to believe that the same liberal mentioned above has watched too much BET (Black Entertainment Television) – the music videos, saw Soul Plane once to often, and recently saw Birth of a Nation. Somehow that same person came to understand that Snoop Dogg was the representative of all Black people. I would guess that the same person also probably has never lived in a bigger city nor ever actually been around Black people.

If Savannah Georgia, or Houston Texas, or New York City decided to create a program to teach non-Whites to speak to Whites there would be a riot. The concept is ludicrous it would be claimed. It would be called insulting and stupid. The fact that everyone speaks (or should at least passingly understand) English makes the thought incomprehensible. Equally the converse is true. Except in Eugene.

Somehow my writing, which is actually less evocative than my speaking, is an alien language in Eugene Oregon. Or so their program indicates.

I have to wonder what happened when Senator Obama was speaking in the town. When he spoke about

“The Oregon election is a chance to make change a reality, Obama says. A police officer with a shaved head nearby me nods his head in approval. Come to mention it, there are a lot of cops standing around.”

Did the rest of those at McAuthur court understand? Was the officer nodding his head to stay awake, did he think he was watching some kind of new rap group?

When Senator Obama said

“Obama says he wants a head of the Environmental Agency to actually protect the environment, including Oregon rivers, oceans, forests and skies.”

Did the reportedly massive crowd know he wasn’t speaking about EPMD or did his White heritage somehow provide a encryption key for their ears?

Well let me tell those that find this program neccesary a little secret that only the entire nation should know, and the rest of the world (at least those from the 110 countries that view this blog each month) seems to understand, and every English speaking human being I have ever met understands – even those that I spoke Russian with. You speak to African Americans like a person with respect and you will get respect and a conversation. Speak to us like some dimwitted creature that can’t understand it’s native language and I assure you that you won’t like the results. Especially if you are in arms reach of me.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey my name's Scot and Im a resident of Eugene Oregon. I cant even begin to express how racally offensive this program is. Not so much to African American people but to the citizens of Eugene. Im severly dissappointed in the leadership of this city. A far as Im concerned and as far anyone else from around this town that is aware of this program is concerned thinks it is state funded racism. Good Lord what do these people think? Eugene is full of a bunch of absolutely average normal American people. If anything Eugene is over the top liberal, pot smoking, Volkswagon loving, tie-dye wearing bunch of hippies. Most people here think its disgusting to see any able bodied person get any kind of special treatment. People here are not some kind of backwoods inept freakshows as our city leaders would have them made out to be. Even if we were, well tough shit. As an American I can talk to anyone any way I choose and if they dont like it well geee I guess that just too bad. Im just a firm believer in equal treatment and the thought that Im paying for this just really embarasses and pisses me off. It's a total joke to everyone that talks about it in this town.

9:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe how wrong everyone has gotten this...I went through the training, which is in anticipation for the Olympic Trials here in Eugene, Oregon. FOX News had it all wrong (as usual). I'm not really sure why they reported what they reported. The training covered many different aspects of what volunteers (of which I am one) are to expect and what is expected of us. Part of our training was a panel discussion of how to treat EVERYONE with respect, kindness, and to make this an event everyone will remember positively. In no way were we instructed on how to "speak black". How ludicrous is that anyway? We were taught how to deal with people who might have hearing problems, sight problems, and how to respect people of different backgrounds, whether black, yellow, white, rich or poor. The way this has been portrayed is way out of line, and I admonish FOX News with broadcasting it without any direct representation present. I also admonish the above commentator for repeating (and in the process slandering the great town of Eugene) something which is not true at all. People, please, get your facts straight before writing!

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're getting your information from Fox news? Not a good source for facts. Did you do any research on your own?

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooh! ooh!(he exclaims. . . hand raised High)
i would love to address the topic of "Black People"in Eugene,OR
As A Black man who has lived many places in the world, I will say I find Eugene to be one of the more frightening. The reason for this is the kind of deception you find in a place like Eugene. When Lauryn Hill sang in a song"... they hail ya, then nail ya", she could have been having visions of Eugene, OR
I grew up in the south and it's almost funny how people in Eugene think they are so open minded and so-called liberal blah blah blah.... BULLSHIT with a Capital BULL!
Eugene is the kind of community where white people are so aggressively friendly...? that it's not even funny. In complete denial of themselves as they seek the white light. They are like vampires, ready to suck the blood out of any living culture they can find, whilst vehemently in denial of any form of truth about who "THEY" are! Speak the truth of your shameful history for once and take your hand out of our pockets!
fuck trying to learn everybody elses culture, so you claim... you BEASTS!
No, not an angry Black man; just a realist and one who is tired of the bullshit arrogance of white liberalism. What does that even mean? Liberal. Another escape for you? They are far from kind or loving people. Phony as hell, no doubt! Fake smiles and dirty handshakes! They greet you with a quick smile and you depart with twelve knives to the back and skull. the thing that makes them worst, is that they so loudy proclaim how open and wonderful they are. HA! They are greedy for blood and the ones of "us" here who know, are careful to keep clear of these beasts. They have no culture except shame and now they have no where else to run. They buy little black babies, in attempts to absolve their guilt, but they ONLY want more Blood. VAMPIRES!
Eugene, Oregon is a town of Vampires who claim to be angels...

9:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

. . . and now with that said, perhaps we can move forward to do some real work. Imagine the daylight when the root, the fruit and the branch of the tree all can dance according to the music as opposed to the chaotic repetitive playback that continues to plague the lives of my people. The silly madness they have pervaded on the likes of our brightest stars, that have caused lives to crumble at their leisure. How long have they hunted Africa in search of Tigers to kill. No accident. No joke. It must be somehow universally known that they granted, just a man, a sinking ship, and then in having had less than a blink of an eye, they have nearly in full, turned their backs and that with curses, as in accordance with the latest fashion. Excuse me. . . did you say facist?
So, yes, this is pretty much the recognition of the reality from the perspective that rarely gets heard by those needing to hear it, so
hear it!

2:38 PM  
Blogger Rory Gibbens-Rolph said...

1. No one should generalize an entire town. Eugene is almost entirely white people, but within the white context is quite diverse in terms of political, sexual orientation, lifestyles, etc.

2. Fox news rarely gets anything correct, so shame on this blog for riffing for so long on a fox news story.

3. If you don't live in Eugene, you may not know this, but, there's is definitely a small but virulent segment of the Eugene and surrounding area population that is very racist. There is also a considerable portion of the Eugene population that lives sort of in denial about this.

10:26 AM  
Blogger M. Vass said...


The generalization was about the leadership of the town, who were elected to represent the people. If the leadership is so adverse to logic and understanding, then it is logical to conclude the people who elected them as their representatives share the same views.

As for Fox News, what part of this is factually incorrect? To claim a news organization is factually incorrect consistently, without proof, is likely politically motivated and myopic. It sounds more akin to the Obama Administrations comments - based in their dislike of being critiqued or challenged - than fact or logic.

Lastly I don't live in the area, but I concluded as much from the case at hand.

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Rory. . . i am thinking your "generalization" comment is correct. No-one should generalize an entire town. The sadness is, that "small, virulent segment surrounding Eugene whom you speak of, is not so small. Those "red-necks" that the so-called liberals like to refer to, are not the racists who concern me. They are not the scary ones-it's the ones who are part of that"diversity" in terms of political, sexual orientation, lifestyles you speak of. . . it's those people who self-righteously disdain the rednecks and hate Black folk who don't support their stream of propaganda. They deny anything that might make them appear less than perfectly good.
none-the less, Hey Eugene... maybe there is a reason ain't no black folk here.... but of course, you have tons of black friends and your family ain't like that and you probably even had some black nanny who helped raised you and you have always gone out of your way to not be racist and blah blah. . . blah. . .

1:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

. . . and as you stated Mr Rory. . ."within the white context..." Eugene has some diversity, but guess what? "The White context" is exactly the point . . .
I am Black . . . out side of the "white Context" . . .
what about the "black context"?
There certainly is a beyond considerable population that lives in denial of this.
sort of. . ?

1:54 PM  

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