Roy Snell – email scam or nut?

By Michael Vass | August 12, 2008

Ok, I have to address this because I hope to prevent a repeat of this event. Please, please do not contact me if you want to leave America. If you don’t like this nation go somewhere else and do not send me a random email asking for money or my help.

Case in point, I received an email from a Roy Snell of Rochester today. His email is a rambling mess of accusations and woe all inflicted because he is Black and he was a whistleblower – or so he claimed. The email starts as follows:

    9-1-1, Crimes have been committed…..I need help!!! I don’t know where to turn!!

    The city of Rochester hate my guts and I have been retaliated for it because racism is very hard to prove…and I have proven it. I have been in my apartment for over 2 years not knowing what to do. This city has committed at least 37 crimes against me that has almost got me shot, ran over and retaliated against like no tomorrow. I just want off american soil for good without violence. You can read my Blogs on Myspace under Roy Snell, Rochester N.Y. or look for diddy. I am also selling the american flag, my Degree and tons of pictures of NYC before 9-1-1- and after 9-1-1 on Ebay. I don’t know where to turn…can you please please help me, because I haven’t received a pay check in over 6 month, I only have a little food left, I can’t pay next month rent, ALL my job references are wiped completely out, and these people bite!!! I want off american soil for good!!!!

Now normally I drop junk email like this in my trash and continue on my way. But this caught me. I decided to check it out just in case it was a real email. And for my good intentions I received a waste of time.

While there may or may not be racism in Rochester this guy, Roy Snell, does not seem to be a victim of it. From what I could gather from all his rambling is that he is an ex-convict, a blue-collar worker, has a massive ego, may be paranoid and broke.

Now I have many friends that I’ve known since childhood that are ex-cons. They are great people, minus the fact that they had broken the law. I don’t hold that against them. I have worked blue-collar jobs for a good part of my early life. I have a trade and have no problem sweeping floors if it will provide me a living. I’ve done it before and would do it again if I had the need. And I’ve been homeless, so I know how it is to be broke. So those things are not in themselves a bad thing. But his ego and paranoia are.

That all said, Roy Snell is his own worst enemy – or so his writing implies. His myspace page has a litany of supposed charges that he feels were committed against him. Virtually every single one of them are neither actual points of law or stem directly from a massively overdeveloped sense of self. In reading through his rant I see virtually nothing that is a directed attack on him, and the minor points that could be seem to imply his own causation for the action he describes.

Roy Snell wants to leave America, and I say go. If he is so sure that the Government, institutions and individuals are so determined to hold him down he should leave. Good luck in finding a better nation.

I hate when anyone decides to blame poor decisions and a lack of intelligence on the Government, racism or society. There are real issues out there that I try to discuss. There are real problems that need to be resolved in America. People wasting time and seeking money for their personal issues weaken these arguments and belittle the efforts against those real issues.

It’s not a Government conspiracy or breach of contract when you fail to do well in community college. College is not an obligation, and it requires your own self-discipline to learn the material presented to you. If you don’t put in the work you can only blame yourself for the grades you receive. That is not racism.

A good character is not defined by being a good tipper at a bar. Once you are an ex-convict its part of your public records and employers will know that without anyone, even a college, mentioning it. This public information does not violate your constitutional rights. Excessive force cannot be almost done. And it refers to being restrained, detained, or arrested. Almost being shot, by unknown individuals, that you are unaware of is not excessive force. And on and on.

And all of this for the purpose of asking strangers, in this case me, for money and help. I initially thought this was a scam, and I continue to hope it is. Otherwise Roy Snell has serious problems.

I am not stupid, my company is not an open bank account for every nut with a gripe. I am a Black Puerto Rican, but that does not mean I see racism in every corner or agree with every claim of racism made to cover the self-inflicted woes of some people of color. I do not tolerate internet scams of any size or type.

Roy Snell seems to be trying to prey on the public with tales of racism and woe that are imaginary and false. Beware individuals like this. Do not give money to people like this. Most importantly do not believe the flim-flam of people like this.

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