OJ Simpson convicted – kangaroo court closed

By Michael Vass | October 6, 2008

Prepare for the shock of your life. OJ Simpson has been convicted of 12 counts in the Las Vegas kangaroo court trial on Saturday. I’m sorry, I meant to say the legal farce that was the precondition to the incarceration of now convicted OJ Simpson, on charges that he murdered his White wife. Oh, wait. You thought this was a case about something else?

Lest you think I made this up, that OJ was on trial a second time about his wife’s death, here are some quotes to reflect on.

“I think he did it,” juror Sherian Sue Eckart, 55, said in response to a questionnaire item on the murder of Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson…

“I don’t believe the jury consider(ed) the facts,” Ruth Ann Horschmann, 62, wrote of the Los Angeles jury…

I disagree with the verdict. I think the police/prosecution in the case made errors,” Sharon Ann Johnston, 36, wrote…

In documents released by the Clark County Court following the verdict, five of the 12 jurors disclosed during the jury-selection process that they disagreed with the 1995 verdict.”

“David Wieberg, a 51-year-old manager, was among the jurors who said he disagreed with the 1995 verdict.

“No, I don’t believe the jury consider(ed) the facts,” he wrote in his questionnaire.
Mr Wieberg also said he agreed with the outcome of the civil trial that found Simpson liable for the deaths.

“It may have given the victims’ families some satisfaction,” he wrote.”

“She says jurors instead used video, audio and documented evidence to evaluate whether Simpson was guilty of each of the 12 counts. She was one of seven jurors to speak to reporters.

Jury foreman Paul Connelly says it might have been a waste for prosecutors to give plea deals to several Simpson co-defendants in exchange for their testimony.”

And this was a fair trial? This was about Las Vegas?

This case was never about Las Vegas. If it were the fact that there was considerable evidence supporting the contention that OJ was entrapped into the whole thing would have been relevant. And the testimony of the witnesses, actually a group of men looking to avoid up to 11 years in prison each by turning states evidence, showed many reasons to have doubt.

Now that doesn’t mean a crime wasn’t committed. Nor that OJ shouldn’t be convicted of that crime. But it does mean that 12 crimes and a lifetime in jail is unwarranted. Unless you were one of those rejoicing at this blatant act of revenge. So much for a legal system.

This is so angering. This is all about race. A Black man was accused of a White murder, and because he could afford a legal team that usually only some Whites can and is found innocent he had to be tormented for his life. If OJ was caught on tape J-walking there were cops hoping to arrest him and lock him up. 13 years of news coverage of his every step, and newscasters unconcealed disdain over OJ’s freedom says it all.

There was no question of OJ getting convicted. I have spoken to dozens throughout the nation, not one thought he could win even if God came down and forgave him of his sins on primetime.

So while some are out having a great time, cheering and drinking the conviction here is a sobering thought. Justice in America, no matter how lax or intermittent before, is now dead. It is now legal precident that double jepardy is allowable and enforceable.

No longer will it be enough to win a case, be prepared to win in every concievable aspect and court, many times over. While the average White defendant will likely never have to worry about this, if you are Black you will have to. Because the legal system that previously was biased to significantly convict any Black defendant, and to more hashly sentence that defendant, will now follow you to your grave no matter if you win and everytime you do.

If you are White you likely will never understand why OJ being convicted this time matters. If you are Black you understood it the day he was arrested in Vegas, and all through the week of coverage that followed. And if you weren’t scared, you have to be dead.

Some want to think racial injustice in the law died the day that Senator Obama ran for President, and those same people were likely screaming for OJ’s blood 13 years ago – and rejoicing this weekend. So maybe it’s just that as long as you do what they would like you are treated well, and once you don’t they will have no problem cracking the whip. Just that these days the whip is the legal system.

And if you don’t agree then explain why so many are so damn pleased about this verdict, barely able to contain themselves about the case 13 years ago that had nothing to do with Vegas 1 year ago?

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7 Responses to “OJ Simpson convicted – kangaroo court closed”

  1. Anonymous

    Eversince the verdict of “not guilty” was announced in the murder of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman, the father Fred Goldman has been on a quest to seek any kind of conviction he can get, first it was civil court, then issue over the book, now this alledge kidnapping and hold-up charges. Is his quest for “justice” a personnal obsession with obtaining a conviction or is this a modern day Ox-Bow Incident?

  2. Anonymous

    Entrapment? More like a fool who fooled himself into thinking he could do whatever he wanted to do without any repercussions, legal or otherwise. Racist thinking on your part as evidenced by your entire blog. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time….

  3. M. Vass

    To the 2nd Anonymous, It would seem that you have not read much of my blog posts. I am hardly racist, though I do write about racial events and situations. To discuss the fact that race relations in America exist and are biased against non-Whites is not the same as to harbor resentment against Whites. So while I never stated, nor have I believed, OJ was innocent of the charges in Vegas I am not prevented from being aware and discussing the bias that was enacted in his trial.And while he is a fool for what he did, he was likely entraped to some degree. The audio tapes, arrangements of events, and other factors that were manipulated around him provided the environment for him to commit the crime. But he did act ultimately on his own.If it helps you sleep at night believing that I am a racist and OJ was treated fairly, and there is no racism in America go ahead. But the truth, at least as I see it, will still be here. When you are ready and able to accept that, or at least confront these events honestly and then debate me on that level, my blog will still be here. With my name right up front.

  4. Anonymous

    I could care less whether he was treated fairly or not. Regardless of what you or any idiotic disbeliver says he killed Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson. Im glad he was ignorant enough to commit armed robbery so he can now do the time he was meant to do in the first place. Mudered, wife beater, theif. Lock him up and let him die.

  5. M. Vass

    Yet another open mind that is concerned about the status of the legal system in the U.S.I’m so glad to hear from you.I wonder, would you be so cavalier in your attitude if it was Whites who were beaten by police, pulled over without cause, followed in stores, and presumed dangerous for entering elevators? If your child were the one that you had to be concerned about getting killed by the police because they are walking home from the movies with a cell phone in thier hand, would you still not care how the legal system works?

  6. Anonymous

    I am shocked and saddened over the sentencing in Las Vegas.Native Americans called whites long knives. Their weapons are long and cruel.No one looks at the fact that Nicole had numerous affairs. The generous financial support he gave to her whole family and the fact that Nicole and Ron were having an affair. OJ, OJ, OJ. Who cares about what they did? I don’t think OJ murdered them and he’s just a black man that killed two white people end of story. People don’t care that these two white people may have not been so innocent and maybe their own actions brought on their own fates.

  7. M. Vass

    As found at Black & White Blog, where I am co-author.Howard Barnes2008/12/10 at 10:08 AMI’m not a lawyer but have had a lot of experience in the criminal justice system. This case seems shaky as hell to me. Here’s why: (1) O.J. did NOT have the gun yet the guy who had it gets off scot free; (2) How can a defendant produce a tape that is self-incriminating? Something is screwy about that; (3) Not a single black on the jury. Come on, now .. we know better than that, don’t we? (4) First conviction for a 61-yr-old man and no one was hurt? Yet he gets 17 years? Give me a break. He was tried on the Simpson case all over again. (5) And, to boot, it happened in Sin City where they are extra-punitive to compensate for their whore-house self-complex.I predict he will be out on bail with a new trial within six months at the most.

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