Mike Tyson married 2 weeks after daughter's death

By Michael Vass | June 10, 2009

I don’t understand Mike Tyson. It’s just that simple.

A mere 2 weeks ago, Mike Tyson and his extended family had to suffer what I can only imagine as one of the worst moments in the life of anyone, especially a parent. His 4 year old died due to an accident in her home. I can think of little worse.

But I am baffled by the latest action of Tyson after such a recent tragedy. He got married. Seriously. He was married this past weekend in Las Vegas.

Now I really don’t care that he was married. I wish him and his new bride (10 years his junior) the very best. And I am not trying to proclaim how anyone should mourn or deal with grief. Everyone is different, and the actions one person may take will seem very odd to another.

But this is really odd to me. Considering this was a small Vegas quickie marriage, there is nothing that says the wedding could not wait. Just because it would feel more respectful – to me at least. I honestly would feel to weird to marry someone after basically just burying one of my children.

Maybe this was just an attempt to feel better. A try at making the world feel just a little bit less sad. In a way I can understand that. Though it does not bode well for the length of the marriage. Still there is the question of why his new wife would do this.

Let me ask the women out there. Would you marry a man, even a famous and/or wealthy man, 2 weeks after the death of his child? What motivation would make you jump the broom like this? What could make you not wish to wait?

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