Iron Man 2 – Whiplash

By Michael Vass | June 11, 2009

Well the first photo of the new villian in the 2010 sequel to Iron Man has been released. The villian is called Whiplash, and he is played by Mickey Rourke.

Photo found at

Looking at the photo I was instantly drawn to one thought. I hope there will be lots of CGI to fill the space in this photo.

To say that I am unimpressed is to understate my feelings. My expectations were quite high as the first Iron Man was a resounding success. The acting and CGI meshed incredibly well. The writing was actually creative. And it was mostly loyal to its comic book source.

Thus I had expected Rourke to look imposing and powerful. Instead ths photo makes me think of a bad Mad Max refugee. Or a minor background character from Kevin Costner’s mega-flop Waterworld.

There has to be more to Whiplash than this. This photo has got to be an unfinished image, meant to generate buzz and fuel comic book fans, as well as those of the first movie, ire to create a stir that only the finished graphics will satisfy.

I expect a lot from Iron Man 2. The success of the first movie necessitiates at least a similar level of quality. But this photo of Whiplash does not seem to convey that thought. Hopefully future photos, and the eventual trailers will do justice to fan expectations.

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