Lollipipe: Introducing kids to drugs

By Michael Vass | June 11, 2009

Of the many products I have seen over the years, I have run into few that are as exploitative and potentially dangerous as the Lollipipe. And when I say dangerous, I mean promoting drug use in minors. When I say exploitative, well just read on.

Images of the Lollipipe candy and packaging that I feel is directly targeted to children.

The Lollipipe is the invention of Kzee Novelty Products LLC. It is marketed as a tobacco pipe, but the shape of the product makes it clear that it is intended for marijuana. Add to that the fact that it is sold exclusively, to my knowledge, in “head shops” – places that sell drug paraphernalia under innocuous names.

The Lollipipe is designed in bright playful colors that will attract the youth. It is also designed with flavors like Watermelon, Green Apple, Grape, Strawberry, Peach, and Blueberry. Again this is a marketing trick that targets the youth. It has a claim that the Lollipipe will not melt from flame being applied to it. It is completely edible.

Images of the Lollipipe candy and packaging that I feel is directly targeted to children.

Thus in effect we have a product that targets young teens or even smaller children. It is designed to make them feel like drug-adled adults and/or cool. It will give them the sugar buzz that all kids love. And while hard to purchase, in some places, it is not illegal. Add to that the ability for the product to be consumed, so as to hide its use from even the most attentive parent.

I am disturbed by this product. I am reminded that the Tobacco companies were sued for tens of billions of dollars to advertising and marketing programs that never dared to go this far. Yet I have not heard one word about this product.

IF colorful packaging is enough to cause the Tobacco companies to lose in courts, this product should be at the top of DEA and consumer boycotts. Yet I doubt most parents even know of its existence. In fact, I bet there are more than a few liberals, and/or those in the hip hop community, that think it’s a great idea.

This must be a huge hit with those that want to legalize drugs. I guarantee that your local drug dealer likely has dozens of these Lollipipes that they are giving out to kids in playgrounds across the country. Yes, even your kids in the suburbs and small towns where you might not think there is a drug problem. Yet. But the Lollipipe is a great introduction into a life of drug addiction.

I can only imagine what will be next from this company. Maybe a Peppermint flavored crack pipe? How about an edible syringe? Heck, why not a kid-sized mini meth lab.

Obviously there is a market for this product. Irresponsible parents and family of infants/children that are given hits of drugs as seen on Youtube and the major media will flock to these products in droves. Word of mouth will likely fill elementary schools. Hey, do you think pedophiles will stock up on this stuff too?

What a way to make a buck.

This is disgusting. It is my fond desire to learn one day that Kzee Novelty Products LLC has failed and become bankrupt. If there is anything I might be able to do to help this company fold, I will surely do it. Because there is nothing that is positive about their existence in my opinion.

By the way, their website is not yet done. They currently have a static image of their product – tastefully packaged to provide as little direct knowledge of the contents as possible. And just to make sure they are capturing as wide an audience as possible, the company promotes the product on their joke of a webpage as “Eco-Friendly”. I am sure that global warming fanatics will be happy to add this company among the roster of those touting change.

I cannot think of a better warning right now than what I have already mentioned. But I would love to hear from anyone that would defend this product. And I will be sending a copy of this post to Kzee. I wonder if they will have the balls to respond?

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35 Responses to “Lollipipe: Introducing kids to drugs”

  1. M. Vass

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    Ignorance Says:
    June 30th, 2009 at 1:49 pm e
    You are truly a fool. You make me sick.

  2. M. Vass

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    37 Says:
    June 30th, 2009 at 3:35 pm e
    Are you kidding me?

    One manufactured lollipop pipe is definitely not enough to make any significant change in appeal to drugs for youth. Spencer’s sells novelty dildo pops- does this mean that children are going to be any more drawn to sex than they already are?

    No, it doesn’t. Your argument is invalid. The reason drugs appeal to young adults is because of their effects on the body/mind and their reminiscence of the counterculture of the 60’s.

    One novelty candy pipe on the market isn’t going to make a damn difference in whether or not a teenager decides to do drugs.

  3. M. Vass

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    Dhansky Says:
    June 30th, 2009 at 4:40 pm e
    Seriously? For gods sake, it’s a novelty product. People aren’t trying to get your kids hooked on drugs, so relax.

  4. M. Vass

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    Jew Jewson Says:
    June 30th, 2009 at 4:52 pm e
    Just droppin by to clear some stuff up:

    1. No child is going to be buying that. It is illegal to purchase under 18, and jesus christ its not like someone would just give that to their 9 year old brother for a gift.

    2. Sugar doesn’t give you a buzz

    3. You can’t just call it a marijuana pipe because it is shaped a certain way, I mean jesus, is it a crime to want a pipe that isn’t wood? I suppose a traditional wooden pipe would break if you were to put anything illegal in it. You may as well ban Tie Dye shirts because they emulate the visuals you get from an acid trip.

  5. M. Vass

    Wow, it took a few days but suddenly the comments are flowing in. I must admit that while all the comments come from different emails, I find it odd that they all happened to come in on the same day, and relatively the same time.

    But I will address them all.


    Please try harder to insult me. It really is a juvenille attempt.

    Beyond that, are you saying that a product that appears to target the youth market, with a product that promotes tobacco and/or drug use, is something you approve of and does not make you sick?

    I just want to be clear.

  6. M. Vass


    No I am not kidding you. Does anything in my post seem humorous to you?

    I cannot speak about a product I have never seen so I cannot answer your question about Spencer’s (whatever that is).

    And while any one product is unlikely to change the trends in the nation, it is possible. At the same time the real question is not if it will change the world, but if it will change the world of any individual.

    With all the laws that have been passed, and the outrage, against tobacco companies I am surprised you do not see the similarity. Just as I mentioned, this is a blatant targeting of youth. Something the major tobacco companies are unable to do anymore. And they too declared their product was unable to be purchased by youth, yet that claim failed in courts across the nation.

    Drugs, by the way, have nothing to do with the 60’s. That is an 18 year old today cannot reminisce about actions long before their birth. But they can be influenced by the actions of peers, and subliminal marketing techniques that associate drugs and tobacco with candy and innocence.

    And any product line can influence an unknown number of teens and young adults. That’s why they are advertised made and sold. because if this can only reach 1 million, it’s worthwhile in terms of business. And that is potentially 1 million more tobacco and/or drug users in the world. Do you agree with that? Or is my arguement still invalid to you?

  7. M. Vass


    I am very serious. And it may be a novelty product, just as toy guns are toys. Yet before they were regulated and changed kids still were killed because of them. To envision something as harmless is hardly the same as it being so.

    And I admit that the business model of the company may not be directly related to drug use. But to say that it is not promoting smoking of something is a lie. And across the nation billions of dollars are being spent to prevent young adults from starting smoking. Especially from tactics that this product employs.

    Add to that the very real and obvious fact that this product is styled to be used for drug use, and the problem of its existence grows.

    Would you honestly promote anything that has the direct and distinct potential to motivate any child to try drugs, and/or tobacco? Is even one more child on drugs worth a profit?

  8. M. Vass


    Cigarettes, beer, and drugs are all illegal as well if you are 18 (drugs are so for anyone obviously). Yet it is a fact that kids as young as 14 smoke cigarettes, that kids as young as 13 drink and are alcoholics, and across the nation well over 10% of kids in junior high school regularly use drugs. So yes this product will be in the hands of minors.

    As to giving this to a 9 year old, I would hope not. But there are dozens of videos on youtube and other internet media that shows adults providing drinks, cigarettes, and drugs to children as young as a baby. That is not a big trend so far, which is the only good thing about it. But to answer your thought, yes some idiot will give this to their 9 year old. And I would expect that idiot to likely have drugs in this candy incentive at that time.

    To your second point, sugar does give a buzz. That is a fact. To say otyherwise is a lie.

    Is that buzz the same as drugs? No. But this is a functional product, and thus the buzz of one is added to that of the other. So it combines addictions and promotes continued use. And it is this reason why candy cigarettes were banned back in the 80’s.

    To your third point. Yes I can call it a marijuanna pipe. I walked around to several places and asked people from the ages of 18 to 50 what they thought the product was. Every one of them thought this was a drug pipe. It is obvious in its design, regardless of its stated purpose.

    Walk into any head shop, you will see exactly the same style of pipe, declaritively noted as tobacco pipes, that are intended for the use with marijuanna only. What they need to say to bypass the law has nothing to do with public consumption.

    As for a tye dye shirt, your reference and anonlogy is obviously flawed and silly. There is no comparison to this product and I will leave that there.

  9. M. Vass

    I will note that in all the responses to this post so far there is an interesting trend. They all seek to defend this product, ignoring any potential for its use with drugs and any potential effect on young adults and minors.

    I question the timing of the responses, and thus the true source.

    I have disputed each point made and provided ample reasons why I hope for this company to fail. This is a bad product, in my opinion.

    Perhaps I am wrong. But I hope the day never comes where a drug dealer is arrested with several of these in their possession. I hope the day nevcer comes when parents of minors find this product next to illegal drugs in their childs possesion. I hope the day never comes where a drug dealer is found passing this product out among kids at some school.

    Yet I expect that day will come eventually, as long as this product exists.

    And it does not matter if this product is used as described. Is it truely any better if minors are using this product to smoke cigarettes? Does anyone truely think that is ok?

    Be honest, this product is not targeting a 40-something pipe smoker (the general profile of a tobacco pipe smoker). It’s meant for a young person, and drugs. Which means that eventually it will get in the hands of a minor. Does anyone favor that?

  10. M. Vass

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    weedledothattoyou Says:
    July 1st, 2009 at 5:02 am e
    Yo where can I buy one of these things I’m a minor who is interested in becoming corrupted by the big-marijuana lobby.

  11. M. Vass

    Comment as found at 1800blogger, where I am a contributing author.

    Ozzy Says:
    July 1st, 2009 at 5:19 am e
    The reason it is a lollipop is because when you smoke weed, you get the munchies. So having an edible pipe would appeal to many smokers.

    Remove your head from your ass and please don’t have children.

  12. M. Vass

    Comment as found at 1800blogger, where I am a contributing author.

    Adam Says:
    July 1st, 2009 at 5:43 am e
    Of course they’re not intended for the 40 something tobacco smoker, and *is* intended for a younger smoker but not minors. More like the 18-20 area. Also get off your high horse, I doubt you’ve *never* taken a drug. I bet you’ve had alcohol before or at least taken “medicine” when you’re sick, or even aspirin, which much more harmful than the DEADLY NARCOTIC MARIHUANA THE ASSASSIN OF YOUTH

  13. M. Vass

    Comment as found at 1800blogger, where I am a contributing author.

    Rude Says:
    July 1st, 2009 at 5:56 am e
    Hah. “Liberals think it will be a great idea.” This is the kind of right wing conservative bull shit I’ve had to endure my entire life. So it disagrees with Republicans? Oh noes it must be liberal propaganda!!! Get over it.

    So we live in this “free country” supposedly where you can own a gun, become rich at other’s expense, and a whole list of deplorable things, but we can’t buy a lollipop shaped like a pipe, which according to this is difficult to even locate?

    Fuck you.

  14. M. Vass

    Comment as found at 1800blogger, where I am a contributing author.

    Lance Says:
    July 1st, 2009 at 6:01 am e
    I could take the time to write out a counterpoint debate with you but It would be a waste. You have ignored all valid points in these previous arguments and just re-asserted your own flawed points.

    Good day to you good sir.

  15. M. Vass

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    Jaron Says:
    July 1st, 2009 at 10:49 am e
    This is why idiots shouldnt get blogs. They get too much attention, on their bullshit words. Seriously.

  16. M. Vass

    Comment as found at 1800blogger, where I am a contributing author.

    Jaron Says:
    July 1st, 2009 at 10:52 am e
    It a fucking novelty product aimed at yound adults if anything, most people who got this would probly keep it, they wouldnt eat it or anything its just sposed to be funny. Also why would a drug dealer hand these out at schools? How is that productive at all? that doesnt make any sence or money.

  17. M. Vass

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    Naota Says:
    July 1st, 2009 at 11:12 am e
    You can’t buy the pipe unless you’re 18, so who cares?

    It’s a joke. A candy pipe is meant for novelty. It isn’t promoting “drug use”. You don’t smoke crack out of it, at the worst some weed. God forbid anyone smokes weed.

  18. M. Vass

    Oh the joys of listening to the pro-drug crowd.

    By the way, there is no need for profanity in a discussion. It is the lack of thought that inserts profanity were communication should reside.

    And as for the personal attacks, please do try harder. In my years of writing I’ve had far better attempts to insult me. At least make it meaningful enough to be remembered.

    I feel there is no need to refute each of these posts separately, so I will instead respond to them all collectively as nothing more is needed.

    Marijuana is illegal. Drugs are bad. Anything that promotes drug use in minors is something that the majority of society agrees should not be allowed. Don’t like it? I don’t care.

    My personal experiences are not in question. I’m 41, Black Hispanic, former military, a business owner, from the Bronx, and Republican – go run in fear. My witting reaches over 100,000 people every month in over 125 countries around the world and growing, so I think that maybe people agree with me more often than not.

    Jaron, drug dealers will do anything to enable more people to become addicted to their drugs. Thus giving out a tool to be used to smoke drugs helps their business. They will also give out free samples for the same reasoning. An addict is life-long, a sample is 1 time. Do you get it now?

    Ozzy, thank you for being honest at least. Beyond that, well refer above.

    Rude, you are well named. Got anger issues? A bit paranoid? Perhaps you have imbibed one to many drugs?

    Lance, nice attempt at rhetoric. But your response adds nothing to the discussion. And leads one to believe you had nothing to counter with. I take time to ensure I do in fact respond to the points brought up or did you miss that?

    Naota, I truly hope that you don’t believe what you have said. Can you truly be that naive? Review my response to Jewson.

    I am really shocked that there are people that believe that promoting drugs on minors is ok, or at least not a worry. I am led to believe that this is why people would give drugs to babies and promote it on youtube.

    I am despondent over the lack of concern, and the desire to promote drug use I am seeing. It gives me pause to think that the next generation of the nation may be run by people that hold these beliefs.

  19. M. Vass

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    Slack Stan Says:
    July 1st, 2009 at 12:45 pm e
    In response to your question “Does anything in my post seem humorous to you?”:

    “I guarantee that your local drug dealer likely has dozens of these Lollipipes that they are giving out to kids in playgrounds across the country.”
    You guarantee this? And we’re supposed to trust your claim that “the Lollipipe is a great introduction into a life of drug addiction”.

    “Hey, do you think pedophiles will stock up on this stuff too?”

    Why you think such a product will have a greater impact on the rise of youths consuming a ‘dangerous’ drug than, maybe, the desire to experience actual effects of the drug is beyond me. Someone who’s childhood has been brainwashed by all this DARE malarchy isn’t going to change their stance on the matter because of some flavoured pipe.

    You Americans live in one crazy country if you’re able to buy guns, porn and violent video games, but people outcry at the sale of a product that’s about as useful to a teenager wanting to smoking cannabis as a plastic bottle and some tin foil.

  20. M. Vass

    Comment as found at 1800blogger, where I am a contributing author.

    dsy Says:
    July 1st, 2009 at 12:59 pm e
    You cannot even enter a headshop if you are under 18 years of age. Children will have absolutely no exposure to this… At least, they wouldn’t if people like you weren’t making sensationalist claims on the internet about it. You can get weed flavored lollipops in most headshops, yet I’ve never once seen a kid on the street with one. This is not designed for or marketed towards children, it is marketed for legal age smokers who can actually enter a headshop to buy it.

  21. M. Vass

    Comment as found at 1800blogger, where I am a contributing author.

    Socrate Says:
    July 1st, 2009 at 1:29 pm e
    “I guarantee that your local drug dealer likely has dozens of these Lollipipes that they are giving out to kids in playgrounds across the country. Yes, even your kids in the suburbs and small towns where you might not think there is a drug problem. Yet. But the Lollipipe is a great introduction into a life of drug addiction.”

    I seriously doubt you can garantee such a thing, as obviously untrue it just sounds to anyone, even the most anti-drug person there is.
    Playing on people’s fears leads to fascism and an unharmonous society. Just this paragraph nullifies your whole point.
    Do you seriously think dealers give out those “lollipipes” to kids to improve their customer base ? They don’t even give them out to their regular customers, and a candy pipe isn’t going to make them earn more.

    And yes, I do hope the next generation isn’t going to be as hypocritical and blind as the previous one. Thank god.
    The reasons for marijuana legalization are numerous and pragmatically all reasonnable. Even you, who wishes to protect the youth above everything, should be in favor of this legalization which would enforce a better regulation of it.
    See what prohibition did ? It promoted the habit of getting drunk just for the sake of it. Same goes for weed. It only promotes drug cartels and a poor knowledge of the plant.

    On the product itself, I myself don’t find it too pleasant a see at first, but it isn’t like it is sold in a comic books store. Kids won’t have access to it easily, and it just isn’t meant to be so.
    All this jibberish about how those novelty products, namely flavored blunts, edibles, and such just make me sick. Don’t you see who actually buys them ? People who wish to ehance their smoking, not kids that take it as something yummy.

    I hope you will find something more clever to reply to this than the overall poor rethoric which you used until this point.

  22. M. Vass

    Comment as found at 1800blogger, where i am a contributing author.

    Robert Says:
    July 1st, 2009 at 1:31 pm e
    Oh for crying out loud… They make fruit flavored candy style alcohol shooters, is this meant to get kids hooked on alcohol? They make teddy bears with dildos on them, are they meant to make little girls promiscuous? No, they’re items targeted at consenting responsible adults.

    Drug dealers have no reason to try and market to children, children have no money. In the real world this does not happen, it’s simply a fearmongering technique instilled by the media and the likes of this blog. It’s a shameless attempt to play on people’s emotions and get them worked up over nothing.

  23. M. Vass

    Ok, this is getting repetative.

    Yes, I was a bit over the top to guarantee that drug dealers have this product right now. It was meant as an extreme example, as was the reference to pedophiles. But though phrased in an extreme manner, I still believe them to be based in truth.

    And to compare my post to a promotion of fascism is far more extreme and incomprehesible to me.

    Again the fact is that kids do buy and use drugs. Thus anything that helps to promote that use is anything but positive. And to put on blinders that age restrictions will prevent use by minors is dumb. It is a fact that minors can get these, and other, age restricted items.

    As to the question of legalization of drugs, that is a far separate issue that I will not take up now. Perhaps in a seperate post soon. Suffice to say that minors and drugs should never mix.

    The answers to your questions are – Possibly, I am sure that it was a factor that was accounted for. No, I agree that this product is far more adult (over 25) targeted, and far more age restriction enforced. Plus the stigma in our society regarding sex and sexuality is far stronger than those about drug use.

    In the real world kids do buy drugs. So obviously they do get the money for them and true scum-of-the-earth drug dealers sell it to them. That’s not fear mongering that’s documented truth.

    And if you think that kids using drugs is nothing, I don’t know what to say.

    I answered most of your comment above. I seek to be clever when given a clever comment, and sarcasm is always hit and miss. Though most of my replies have not been sarcastic nor do I believe rhetorical.

    See my reply to Jewson.

    Slack Stan,
    I do not mean to imply this will increase dramatically drug use among minors. But to even increase that use by one child is preventable and unnecessary.

    In addition, even if this product is used as described, it targets minors in the same manner that tobacco companies have been prevented from doing. Which is reason enough for me to advocate the demise of this product.

    As for the other products, there are many people with various views on them. There is no lack of vocal support and dissent, you just need to look for it to find it. But that is not the concern of this post. Nor is it the desire to suggest the actions in nations other than the U.S.

  24. M. Vass

    I will admit that my attack on liberals was unnecessary.

    And I have given this product far too much attention and coverage.

    Thus I will let it go at my core point. This product is a bad idea, and hopefully will fail.

  25. LuLu420

    you truly ar an ignorant man.. you must no nothing about marijuana… and why we want it legalized.. its not because were drug addicts and wanna get high.. theres much more to it. marijuana is no fucking drug .. its an herb and it grows outta the ground and if god didnt like it, it wouldnt be around. kids cant go into those damn stores and buy those pipes anyways you have to be 18 and its not like the people who are buying it are waisting there money on a lollipipe and running over to an elementry during recess and smokin a bull with ur kids.. your a fool i tell u, a fool.. you need to learn a little more about the world before you start saying they made this pipe because they wanna market to youth, its more like they wanna market to more “stoners” catchy idea a pipe that u can eat… why wouldnt people buy it .. u get stoned… then hungry… then eat your pipe .. it just makes sense…. i dont think u truly understand that marijuana saves lives everyday … and tabacco kills how many people every second?…. and how many recorded deaths of marijuana are there? thats right none.. so get ur shit straight before you bash on the herb!!!!!
    you can get high off nutmeg…. did u know that? if not u do now… so what are you gonna go lock the spice cabinet now to make sure ur kid doesnt smoke the whole bottle of nutmeg… ur pathetic!
    dont try to be opposed to something you probably have never even tried or even know much about…
    your just talking out your ass!

  26. M. Vass


    Yet again a drug addict supports this product. And yes, this is a drug as well as a herb. Just like almost every drug in existence, it comes from something in nature.

    And please don’t use that tired excuse that it must be ok because God made it. God made people but we enact genopcides and war, doesn’t mean God wanted us to do that. God made poppies, and it doesn’t mean he wanted us to have crack either.

    As for what I know, check out my post about legalizing drugs. Which you will not like or accept either, I am sure.

    Still there is nothing quite like listening to an addict justifying their compulsion. I’m sure the people at lollipie are proud of your support.

  27. M. Vass

    Comment as found at Breaking News Blog, where I am a contributing author.

    James Says:
    September 21st, 2009 at 7:18 pm
    I hope the AUTHOR has the balls to respond to the comments s/he will he receiving…

    1. NOT promoting drugs to minors. You think they flash billboards of this all around cities. You think they sell these in your local CVS right next to the Hershey bars? No, they are sold in, as you said, head shops. If you did your research (a simple walk to your nearest head shop), you would know that no person under 18 is even allowed to step inside. Yea, infants being turned to drugs….

    2. You know, I see children shows portray kids riding bikes. This must be a marketing scheme to get kids to try dangerous things like riding bikes (do you know how many kids are killed each year on bikes? Its well over 10,000 a day, according to my knowledge)

    3. Who the **** would stock these in their homes and sell them to kids? What, do regular people just sell regular candy to regular kids on the street?

    4. The marijuana community seriously believes in the benefits of smoking (or ingesting) marijuana. We also believe that what we decide to do with our bodies is our own problem, not some nutjob who sits in Starbucks all day ranting about a ******* candy pipe. Hey, the guys who made these? I bet they’ve got a nice living, smoking weed, having a good time…. Laughing, that’s something I don’t think you get to do all that much, judging by how much you hate everything.

    I’d love it if you grew some balls of your own and responded to this, or better yet, just take a hit and chill out.

  28. M. Vass


    Yet another person who cannot read what I have written in repsonses to comments about this post. Nor did you bother to read my blog which answers every point you made, without the need to use vulgarity which was the only thing edited in your comment. James, don’t try to goad me with the same quasi-logical arguements that dozens have tried to use before. And please pay attention (I know, the smoke must be in your eyes), my name is Michael Vass not author.

    I will say that I am glad you had the balls to put your name on the comment. As you can see (if you bothered to check), my name is on everything I have done, just do a search in any major search engine in the world.

    I love the presumptions you and others have made. The swell of protests of this post have focused on me, assuming something must be wrong since I do not have a weakness that requires me to indulge in illegal drugs. The comments tend to infer aspects of my lifestyle, and/or background, without a clue to facts. It’s really quite funny.

    Suffice to say, I have covered this in multiple posts (discussing this product and illegal drug use) and responses to comments. I stand firm on my belief that this is a bad product that is targeted to children, and promotes drug use. And I continue to hope that this company goes bankrupt.

    Beyond that, I really am bored responding to the same insults, dumb promotion of illegal drug use, and sloppy logic on this post.

    **Oh as a side note, there is a saying that profanity is the result of a mind that is so limited in its vocabulary (and thus thoughts) that it cannot find any other words to use. I tend to believe that, especially in reference to people defending this product.**

  29. Chris K.

    Well, I must say that the number of people that not only back this product, but go so far as to openly flaunt their own drug use is astounding.

    I am completely in agreement with Michael, this product should be scrapped and lost to the sands of time. I myself AM a minor and have never used recreational drugs, nor would I condone their use by anyone. I do however feel that what people do is their own business, let people use their drugs but when it goes outside of their home and onto MY streets, into MY school, I DO have a problem.

    As anyone who was ever been a teenager knows, people do drugs. End of story. People DO have parties, therefore people do get their hands on alcohol. These are high school (and younger) aged kids that supposedly, as has been blindly stated here so many times, could never get certain goods because of their age restrictions. These people need to think back to their teen years and say “Huh, now that you mention it, we did have beer at parties. I wonder how that happened.” I have 4 younger siblings which makes this a scary thought.

    As I’ve said, I have never used any drugs, but i will admit that I have tasted alcohol and will drink on occasion when I hit 21. Until then, it is Illegal therefore I will not do it. Bottom line. The Lollipipe WILL fall into the hands of children, as does alcohol and other questionable product. It IS illegal for them to use it for even its “intended” purpose.

    This is a great idea when it comes right down to capitalism and exploitation of youth, but is realistically a horrible product that needs to disappear.

  30. TGJ

    Reading this saddened and angered me. I can’t believe that in 2009 somebody can still be this narrow minded and ignorant about marijuana.

    Saying the word “drugs” when referring to marijuana is far more dangerous to our youth than a novelty candy pipe. Most people will try marijuana at least once in their lifetime and will learn right away that it is hardly a dangerous drug. If you lump weed together in the same category as other drugs than kids will think, “Well if marijuana isn’t dangerous, meth, coke, and heroine must not be dangerous either!” Wake up!

    You are really overreacting about this lollipipe idea. All it does is make smoking taste better. Plus you don’t have to drive to the store for your munchie craving… you just eat the pipe! No big deal in my opinion. I am over 30 and still love candy! My friends and I (who BTW are all successful productive members of society and republicans) all have an occasional puff and we think this is a great idea!

    I feel marijuana is less dangerous than having a glass of wine or driving 5 mph over the speed limit… which I’m sure you do sometimes.

  31. M. Vass


    I am sure you would feel it is less dangerous. But the fact is that it is a mind-altering drug. And like a glass of wine (which it is stronger than) or driving just 5 miles over the limit, this drug can cause people to endanger others.

    There is no innocent drug. There are plenty of excuses why you may justify what you do. That does not make it better or good.

    And in properly including weed as a drug, kids should get the idea that it is as dangerous as meth, coke, heroine and the rest. I’m sure they might actually get that idea, except for people like yourself saying that it is not dangerous nor a drug – both of which are lies.

    I have watched dozens of lives ruined by this and other drugs. I have watched numerous people killed directly due to this drug. To claim there is no danger and that it is anything but bad is a self-moralization to allow yourself to ignore the truth.

    I’ve been around far longer than you TGJ, and I’m not ignorant about anything. But I won’t hide facts from myself or deny the truth. I’ve lived through too much to dishonor the memory of too many people for that.

  32. Anonymous

    kzee,noveltys i sctually know the inventor of the lollipipe.his name is zee and he is from berkeley ca.good guy with a great invention,with children of his own. I dont think in anyway shape or form he is targeting fact he wont sell to anyone under 18.. i know i seen him sell them and ask for ids..

  33. M. Vass


    While I am glad to hear (allegedly since the word of an anonymous source is hardly proof) that the inventor of this device is smart enough to keep this from children, the same cannot be said of every place that will sell this.

    Like many creations over time, the intended use and the real world use are often not the same. The inventor may indeed be a good person, I have no idea. But the product is something that has no benefit, and can easily be used by minors in an unproductive manner.

    I wonder how the inventor would feel if their own kids used this, behind their back I hope, to get high. Would it still be a great idea? Especially if the motivation was the fact it is bright, tasty, and easily gotten rid of?

    I know, kids won’t get it. Just like kids don’t get beer, cigarettes, drugs and on and on.

    It’s just one more thing that gives a kid the motivation to do something that no one in their right mind would want their kids to do.

  34. sethm

    Mr. Vass,
    There are many side points made by yourself and others on this blog, some I agree with and some I don’t. Let’s consider the main point, which is that this product encourages underage people to use tobacco or drugs. As an avid pipe smoker, I can tell you that the residue of burned tobacco does not taste good nor the residue of burned marijuana. It seems reasonable that one would eat the pipe without smoking it or smoke it without eating it. It does not seem reasonable that one would smoke the pipe and then eat it, as it would be expected that the taste of the residue of burned tobacco would be much much stronger than that of the candy. Thus it seems it would be no more effective in encouraging underage smoking or drug use than any other pipe. In fact, I am confident that this product does not encourage the use of tobacco or drugs at all. One should not assume that because it is made of candy that it is targeting youth, and one should not assume that because it is supposed to be a functional pipe that it promotes the use of tobacco or drugs. It is most likely a gag gift and thus probably does not taste as good as other candy and probably does not smoke as well as other pipes.

    Sincere regards, Seth M.

  35. M. Vass


    You make a sound and reasonable arguement. One that has not been addressed before and that I had not considered.

    I am not sure that I agree fully with your conclusion that this does not promote underage drug use, as the candy aspect is more than the flavor but the correlating of a positive in conjunction with negative of drug use. It’s a conditioning that goes beyond the product itself to the thought process that condones the use of drugs, and/or tobacco.

    But, even so, I am happy to have read your comment.

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