Fun in the sun

By Michael Vass | September 1, 2009

In case any of my readers thought that the time in Las Vegas was all work, or pool tournament, and no fun – I offer the following. Just me and some friends goofing off.

Plus here are a few pictures of us just relaxing.

Panama Grabow,John Miller, Claudia Miller, Gary Hinckley, and Zachary Majka in front of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino

John Miller, Claudia Miller, Gary Hinckley, and Michael Vass in front of the Bellagio Hotel and Casino

Michael Vass taking it a notch higher, LOL

Various members of the Endicott teams enjoying the sun and pool.

Gregg Cordero, captain of the Guys and Dolls 8-ball team, and Michael Vass, captain of Guys and Dolls II 9-ball team, enjoying the pool

Just a couple of the photos from the trip. It was a great time and both Endicott teams are great people. But more photos of the actual competition are soon to come. Just need time to edit it all.

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