Is that a Power Ranger in the MMA ring?

By Michael Vass | September 3, 2009

Now I realize that I was on a vacation of sorts for a week. As can be seen by recent posts, I was in Las Vegas at the 2009 APA National 8-ball Tournament, so I fell out of touch with recent news. But I never would have imagined that something like this would happen.

The Power Rangers are invading the MMA.

Jason David Frank as the Red Power Ranger, though he was also the White and GreenWell to be more exact, the former Red Power Ranger (tommy) otherwise known in real life as Jason David Frank is planning to jump into the Mixed Martial Arts ring. I can see the bets in Vegas now – even money he is knocked out in the first 2 minutes.

Perhpas that’s not a fair thing to say. The Power Rangers acted like they had martial arts training. Except those were Japanese actors in the suits. And they were acting, not doing. Plus the fights were only slightly more staged than pro wrestling.

Could Jason David Frank really be good at this? Well he started training at age 33, so at 35 you would think he has some skill or stamina built up. Then again, that just makes him old and comparatively slower. But he does have his own style of martial arts, Toso Kune Do. He was inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame
in 2003. He became a Black Belt at the age of 12, currently is a 6th degree black belt and owns 4 schools.

Is Jason David Frank a joke and publicity stunt or a real threat that everyone underestimates? Is the joke that the Red Power Ranger will see red – his own blood or that of his opponent?

Maybe I was wrong. Maybe the odds in Las Vegas are more along the lines of 15 – 1 against Frank winning. [If you know, please do tell] But I think that it would be worth a bet. Because if he is a publicity stunt, $5 is nothing more than a slice of pizza and a soda. But if this is real, and he wins, well then there could be some money to be won. Plus you know Frank will be the instant celebrity that is popular today.

Who knows, someone might even remember him without that funky Power Ranger suit.

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