The Halloween costumes of the rich and famous

By Michael Vass | November 3, 2009

Since I was showing off my Halloween costume earlier, I thought I’d take a look at what some celebrities and entertainers decided to wear as well. My thought was that with all the money and access to professional make-up and sci-fi people, some of the costumes they could get must be fantastic.

That was the idea. But it seems that wealth, fame, and opportunity is not enough for some. A few examples of that are best shown by the following:

Paris Hilton is worth more money she will ever be able to count. And she rarely seems to be adverse to spending money to look as good as her near anorexic body can be made to look. But obviously her Halloween fashion was something more akin to her own dreamy self-image than anything else.

Paris Hilton forgot to spend money on Doug Reinhardt's costume. I wonder if that means his time is limited?

Kelly Osbourne is someone you would expect to be able to really come up with something bizzare. Or at least different. Yet her costume seems more akin to what a housewife in the suburbs and little time might throw together at the last minute.

Kelly Osbourne obviously didn't ask her dad for help. And Luke Worrall looks limp doesn't he?

Nicky Hilton seems to be afflicted with the same lack of taste as Paris. While this imitation of class is better, it’s still a far cry from interesting or good looking. Then again that does sum up the Hiltons, doesn’t it.

Nicky Hilton proves that enough money makes up for bad taste.

Shanna Moakler was trying for a flapper look. But if this is how flappers looked in the 1920′s, I can see why the fashion died off. Still it’s better than any of the above.

Shanna Moakler at least gave it a try.

And perhaps the worst costume has to go to… Lamar Odum. This poor man’s attempt at a half-assed Halloween costume is just embarrassing. It makes Khole Kardashian look bad just being next to him. The fact he went out in public with this boggles the mind. Even the Hiltons look better.

Lamar Odum makes too much money to look like a costume he found at a garage sale. Poor Khole Kardashian, I almost feel bad.

Of course there were more than a few celebrities and entertainers that looked great, even classy and sexy. Like Bette Midler

Bette Midler looking as classy as always. The young female entertainers can learn a lot from her.

and Jessica Lowndes (whomever she is)

Jessica Lowndes as a sexy Footlocker worker works for me

And of course I wanted to include Adrina Partridge

Adrina Partridge looking great as I Dream of Jeanie

But after looking over many of the failures and successes of far too many of the famous, I think that on average most of the people that I know were more committed and looked better this Halloween. Good for us, and shame on them.

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