The Star Wars comedy show

By Michael Vass | April 13, 2010

If you haven’t heard about it yet, you will. Star Wars will be made into a comedy series. But if that isn’t odd enough, it will be animated. Still need more? Seth Green will be one of the key minds behind the project.

If you are suddenly thinking of the Robot Chicken episodes dedicated to Star Wars, you are on the right path. Seth Green is one of the executive produicers of Robot Chicken. And George Lucas has been impressed enough with the specials that he is going to on a path touched on once, during the rarely spoken about Christmas special.

The concept is ‘what do the characters in the Star Wars universe do when not saving the universe or fighting dark forces’? The proposal is some form of hijinks, in animated colors sure to amuse any 5 year old (or more than a few smokers, in college or not).

I understand why Lucas and Green are doing this. It will make tons of money. The merchandising could be incredibly lucrative. For Seth Green it gives him a chance to be part of one of the greatest media sucesses of perhaps all time.

But as a fan of Star Wars, and mostly of the original 3 films, I’m not as enthused by the idea. I see it as more of a trend to make a profit. Kind of like how Jar-Jar was meant to draw in children, though most anyone older only wanted to see the character get killed from the moment it was introduced.

Could Star Wars make a good comedy? Will watching Boba Fett do pratfalls week after week be endearing? Could the animated Yoda become Jerry Lewis to an Animated Jedi Master Windoo? Will we ever see Emperor Palpatine get a pie in his face? Or will it just be characters we never heard of doing things that don’t matter in a hopefully funny way?

No matter which direction is taken, I just can’t get excited. Maybe I grew up with the best part of the story (the middle 3 chapters), or I’ve read too many of the novels continuing the story. Maybe I like the characters as they were, or fear even more Jar-Jar-esque characters. But if I feel like that, and my age range is the true support of the bulk what is the Star Wars franchise, what success does this new idea have?

Do you want to see an animated Star Wars comedy? Do you think it’s a good or bad idea?

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