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Monday, April 05, 2010

24 hour sale!

April 6th is the birthday of Michael Vass, president of M V Consulting, Inc. In honor of that, M V Consulting will be providing a rebate for items purchased from its Alchemy at World of VASS online store.

Starting at 2:41am on April 6, 2010 for 24 hours items purchsed will earn a cash rebate.

For any item or combination of items, over $20 up to $50, a rebate of 4% of the total (not including shipping) will be given back to customers.

For item(s) purchased equal to $51 up to $150, a rebate of 6% will be given back to customers.

For any purchase of $151 or more, an 8% rebate of the item(s) total will be given back to customers.

The more you buy, the more you will get back.

As an added bonus, a purchase of item(s) totaling $241 exactly, will get a 12% rebate.

Check out Alchemy at World of VASS and get everything you've been looking forward to owning. There are items imported directly from England for Men, Women, Goths, Emo, Business owners, everyone!

Nereide, Angel of the Drowned, gathers in the spoils of Poseidon

indolent Perisylpha is trapped by flawed humanity's constraints of agony.

Swarovski 'garnet' crystal heart of a vampire

Wyverex Dragon of ancient lore

blood red enamelled heart of passion

Ankh of etarnal life, mounting an inverted tear-drop Swarovski crystal

unique old gothic style vessel, with highly decorated glass-bottom, for the self-administration of lethal spirits

Salvation of Maion

Dante's Inferno Flask

Plus lots more! Just check it out and see for yourself.

Your support keeps us going strong, and we appreciate it.

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