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Friday, April 16, 2010

50 Cent sells his skin for money

You might have heard that 50 Cent is making a change. It seems that the bullet magnet is dropping one of his more notable marketing points in his effort to become less 'ghettofabulous'. What might this be? His tattoos.

Now most people of my age or older got tattoos because there was a meaning for them. Each of my 4 tattoos is a symbol of an event or moment in my life. But the meanings of tattoos changed over the years and now are just a common fad, with the majority of people getting them just because it's a popular thing to do. Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) is among that latter group.

50 Cent is removing his tattoos with laser removal to improve his chances of getting film roles. Which says 2 things clearly. The first is that the tattoos have little true meaning, which begs the question why place such a demonstrative and ideally permanent image on his body in the first place? The second is that Jackson (50 Cent) believes that the tattoos somehow interfere with his ability to act.

Personally I believe that a tattoo is a statement for life. No one should ever place something on their body that has no meaning to them. Unlike a hairstyle or clothing, a tattoo is not something that can be changed on a whim. Tattoos are not fashion but a declaration of a person in a manner that announces itself to the world - if it can be easily seen. Given that now such importance is not given to tattoos, sadly.

But as for the conflict with the acting ability of Jackson... well that is another matter. 50 Cent has stated that sleep is more important to him than the tattoos. That the time in make-up to hide the tattoos is detrimental to his film career. Likely there is also the thought that his marketability among Hollywood is higher when tattoos are not prominent.

Generally I find this to mean that 50 Cent is even more of a sell-out than ever before. If the tattoos were more than a statement of his desire to just be popular and follow a trend, then he would keep them. So it implies that he is weak willed in that respect.

His removal of the tattoos in an effort to receive monetaty gain implies his willingness to conform for a price. he is willing to enact extremes just to get a dollar. Which is not too suprising for a person willing to sell drugs for a living. Such an individual is little more than a whore for money, in my opinion, and obviously a sell-out given the chance.

But the thought I really find amusing is the thought that the tattoos in any way might influence his acting ability. One must have talent first, to have anything affect it. Thus far there is no hint of his ability to act, execpt if you include his minstrel act as acting. Therefore tattoos or not, he is rightly relegated to the standard D-class of acting that virtually all rappers-turned-actors deserve.

How good is 50 Cent acting? Well there is the upcoming film Twelve, where he has to stretch his abilities and reach to play a murdering drug dealer. Who knows if he can get into that role. Not that he has life experience there.

The film Get Rich or Die Tryin' was so impressive Samuel Jackson stated he did not want to lend credence to what he believed was an inexperienced and unproven actor. It also promted the quote from film critic Roger Ebert,

"Like Bill Cosby, Jackson is arguing against the anti-intellectual message that success for young black males is better sought in the worlds of rap and sports than in the classroom".

It also was a film that demanded immense acting skill, with 50 Cent playing a drug dealer that hoped to be a rapper.

All in all, lack of tattoos will not improve his lot in gaining roles. He is regarded as he should be, a drug dealer that got popular for being a minstrel. Hollywood has yet to have a reason to treat him better.

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