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Saturday, April 03, 2010

9-ball on a Diamond Pro-Am Table

It's been a while since I had a 9-ball pool video up, so I decided to display my most recent match. I am in the APA pool league for 9-ball, and was playing at Guys & Dolls in Endicott New York on Wednesday.

My match wound up being against a player ranked as a 3. So he had 25 balls to make vs my 38.

Now there is one new thing to add to this. There are 2 new half-tables (or bar sized table - 3 1/2' x 7') at Guys & Dolls. They are Diamond Pro-Am Billiard Tables, with 3 slates each 1" thick, Simonis 860 Official Tournament cloth, Tour specified K-55 profile cushions, Dymondwood rails and skirt, with 22 seperate spots to ensure a level table. If you know pool this is a sweet table. The key though is the rails.

The rails around the pockets are tight. Unlike most tables they are not angled to allow for "cheating the pocket". They are straight cut. Which may not sound like much, but when you are making a bank shot or are off on a cut shot by a touch, you will miss the pocket completely. Thus accuracy is vital.

Given this higher degree of difficulty, the match proceeded roughly like this.

My opponent did a bit better in the following racks. The end of the match was a 14 - 6 win for me. But those pockets made all the difference. Next weeks game should be fun though.

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