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Friday, April 23, 2010

It's been 2 days since the Lane Bryant commercial aired on television. The question is will we see more ads like this, and if they will be treated like other commercials of the same nature.

If you don't know what commercial is being referred to here it is.

Now I realize that ABC found this to be hot stuff. So hot that they would not air it on their channel at 8pm. Kids might be shocked to see a woman that looks more like their mom than a pencil in a commercial.

In polls across the net, like the one at People Magazine (94% approval), the overwhelming majority of Americans realize that this commercial is tame. The women look good, but are hardly going to send kids in to a sex crazed hysteria as you might think considering the ban that was placed on the commercial.

Honestly, we all realize that ads from PETA, and regular television programming - hell even many cartoons, are far more suggestive. Some are even outright more revealing. Case in point, the various ads and television specials of Victoria Secrets. Why ABC, and FOX, don't get it makes no sense.

But back to the question. Will there be more television ads with real women?

I can only hope so. Sticks are fun for dogs, but women shouldn't be a stick. In fact, virtually every woman in the world looks more like the women in the Lane Bryant commercial than the ones in the Victoria Secrets commercials. Marilyn Monroe, Betty Page, Anna Nicole Smith, and a huge selection of all-time famous celebrities all were/are what is now called plus-sized.

Look at almost all the ancient paintings, descriptions in literature, excetera. Real women have been the top of the list, except for about the last 40 years. It says something that the more modern and technological we have become the less real images of women have become.

Call it a personal opinion, but I prefer women that are real. The sticks that are models may have great personalities but none of my friends would ever bother to find out if they were next to a woman with decent curves.

So yes, I think there should be more commercials like this. But I'm a guy and this is my opinion. What do you think?

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