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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Janelle Monae in Tightrope

Since I'm on the subject of music videos of late, I thought I might discuss Janell Monae. She has just released her latest video, Tightrope, which is quite interesting.

It's a catchy song, with a great backbeat. It kind of takes you back to the old glory days of Big Bands, swing, and James Brown soul. Which part of the video is meant to be a tribute to - ala a modified Footloose.

Comparisons of Janelle Monae to James Brown are sure to be made. Unlike many entertainers today Monae moves, she provides showmanship along with her melodious voice. The difference is so stark and obvious that even in the video Big Boi looks out of place not only in his attire, but in his lack of presentation. So in a sense it's akin to James Brown on stage with just about anyone except Michael Jackson doing James Brown.

Still Janelle Monae is not Brown. She has some moves, but they just don't inspire the style and impressiveness of Brown. Though she does stand far taller over her peers than her 5' would seem to allow.

This video is impressive, and if the rest of the albulm, soon to be released, is as good she will be taking the charts. In a way I see her potentially like Alicia Keys, an artist and entertainer. Someone who is more of a throwback to the days where there was substance to an entertainer; as opposed to the majority today (in virtually every music genre) that are throwaways, with far too much flash and nothing to back it up with besides a massive marketing campaign.

If nothing else, Janelle Monae continues to impress and cement her status as class and substance that is as much of a pleasure to see as to hear.

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