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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quotes of Cindy Sheehan - comedy or tragedy?

When you stop to listen to some activists and individuals of dubious celebrity, you often hear things that just make you want to laugh or cringe. Often I have wondered why anyone would follow such a person. All of this came together when I covered Cindy Sheehan at her book signing in Binghamton New York recently.

Some of the things she said was comically absurd, other parts contradicted her own statements seconds earlier, and yet other statements were tragically wrong. I want to share that with you, and the nature of the following celebrity political video is not quite right for my political blog.

Now when you consider all that I would like you to consider the question that was asked of me by George McAnaname at the Sheehan event.

"Who do you think embodies the principles of Dr. Martin Luther King more, President Obama or Cindy Sheehan?"

**Note, given time considerations of the video, every effort was made to keep the comments of Cindy Sheehan in context. The clips are in chronological order. No alteration was made to statements of Sheehan or any other person speeking.**

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