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Monday, April 05, 2010

Television Show Review: Ugly Americans

What can I say about the animated television show Ugly Americans on Comedy Central? That it makes Archer look classy, Futurama look like genius, and compares to pure anime like Bleach or Ghost in the Shell about the same way that you might compare Green Acres to The Matrix.

There is just about nothing I can say that I like about this television program. The writing is boring, the art is lazy, the concept is a wasted and half-thought out refuse. Perhaps the only audience that this show can be successful with is the college students wasted on liquor or other items demographic. And that is still iffy.

There is a reason why Viacom will not let Youtube show a single video clip of the show. Because once you get beyond the highly edited and mixed commercials, what you are left with is truly the bottom of the barrel.

I'm not saying this because I watched just one episode. I've seen several, trying to make sure that it wasn't just a bad day or the animators, writers, voice actors, and directors were all still trying to find their mark.

Maybe I'm just too old to get it. And if that is the case I'm very happy to be my age. Because this television show is one of the worst programs I have seen since Homeboys in Outer Space (which was worse, marginally). Still I don't think age is the factor. Viacom just wanted to throw something at a wall that might be able to compete with Adult Swim and Archer. This isn't it.

Usually there is something worthwhile in every television show. Almost anything has a positive that can be noticed even casually. Even with that, the race to the lowest common denominator occassionally dredges up the reason why the bottom is just that. Ugly Americans is that reminder.

Do yourself a favor and avaoid it.

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