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Monday, April 05, 2010

What is it to be a Black woman?

I wrote this poem, and originally was torn as to switch certain words with the words following it in the (). But after comments from several women that I know, I will present the poem as is. I hope you enjoy it.

What is it to be a Black woman?

Am I just the embodiment of sweets come to life
the toffee, chocolate, and caramel in walking form?
Are my ample curves just objects of ridicule, envy, and fantasy?

Oh I am all of that and more

I can be strong without muscle
enough to bring a man to his knees with a look or word
enough to raise a child to an adult
enough to defy corporate edicts of anorexia

I can be soft
so gentle as to cry to a love song
so humble as to follow my mates lead
so warm as to heat the coldest of hearts

But I am a tigress, fighting to claim a land that is not mine
I am a soldier fighting injustice and -isms in all forms
I seduce as no other mother could, and care like no mistress ever will (can comprehend)

A Black woman cannot be bound -
not by chains or laws or seats on a bus
not by pay scales and job titles and masculinity

I am a whirlwind of passion and love
shielding those I cherish
crushing those that oppose me

Yet I am weary of the 24/7 fight
scenery in a movie, commodity in history, isolated in pop culture, rebuffed by sisters of the moon

Still I move forward undeterred in my quest
my man has broken chains and defied masses
my child has beaten the odds and circumstances
my mind balances economy, diplomacy, and strategy in a glance (flash)

My inventions win no patents
yet fill bellies and provide shelter and imbue strength

All of this... yet I am more
I am the lioness to my lion, the council to my leader, the accountant to my bank
and when I chose so I am all of it by myself

What is it to be a Black woman?
It is to be a sun that some bathe in and others flee
It is to be the roar of a mouse and the raindrops of thunder (lightning)

I am Pharaoh and Temptress and Mother and Vixen
I am what others must purchase to compare

Yet most of all... I am Eve and Lillith and Life

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