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Monday, April 26, 2010

Where is Jeff Goldblum and a laptop when you need them?

For decades I have had 1 pet peeve you might not have thought about. While I love sci-fi movies, I just get annoyed sometimes. Inevitably, in almost every movie, the humans wind up doing something miraculous and beat down the aliens that are almost all complete idiots.

It's a pattern that you see in science as well as movies. If you watch Discovery Channel or some of the Science networks you've watched as scientists go on and on about the search for life. Yet all the lifeforms they discuss are microbes or maybe herds similar to cows. Never intelligent life. Never anything smarter than humans.

Between the reality and the fantasy the concept that we might not be the smartest things in the universe is lost. It's fine in a movie, though sometimes it's just over the top. Seriously, Jeff Goldblum figured out an alien language and computer system in a day on his laptop?

If an alien race can travel through space, individually or en masse, do you really think they are less intelligent than people who can't figure out how to balance their checkbook or maintain world peace for 30 days? Obviously there is one scientist that agrees with me. Stephen Hawking.

Stephen Hawking presented his new show - Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking on the Discovery Channel - a discussion of aliens. More than speculation that mere microbes might exist somewhere in the vast universe, Hawking discusses how different life might be out there and plentiful. He also considered the thought that aliens might just be like us, with perhaps thousands if not millions of years of advanced knowledge.

It's a chilling thought. One that makes it clear that E.T. isn't cuddly and that supercomputers won't be enough.

"Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonise whatever planets they can reach. - Stephen Hawking"

I love Star Trek, Farscape, and Independence Day as much as anyone. I'm a huge sci-fi nut in fact. But it's just a peeve to hear scientists ramble on as if we are the best the universe can muster up. I'm glad to hear at least 1 mega-egghead mention the more probable reality.

That said, I'm watching my video tapes of Farscape again. John Crichton rules! Frell Scorpius.

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