Rare casting match for Lindsey Lohan

By Michael Vass | May 5, 2010

One of the biggest problems for actors is to get cast in a role that audiences will accept them in. The more talented the actor/actress the more wide a variety of roles they can play, avoiding being typecast or overlooked. Sylvester Stallone is one example of an actor limited to a typecast of roles, successful though he is in that genre. Lindsey Lohan is more to the other end of that extreme.

Lindsey Lohan is not an exceptonal actress. She is better known for her drunken binges and problems with authorities than any other thing she has done. Thus it would be difficult to say what roles she could find herself typecast to. Until now.

The perfect role for Lohan may have just been found. And it isn’t the adult version of the baby from the E-Trade commercial. The role is that of Linda Lovelace in the film Inferno.

For those unfamiliar with who Lovelace was, she was a porn star. She was one of the first mainstream popular names coming out of the 1970′s. The film Deep Throat starred Lovelace, and made her a “household” name. But of course no one ever saw Deep Throat, nor porn in general. Which is why the film has made $80,000,000 from a $50,000 budget.

Linda Lovelace, born Linda Susan Boreman, did not enjoy the fame that the film brought her. Nor did she have a life like that of modern porn superstars like Jenna Jameson. Porn was hardly mainstream in the 70′s. To be publicly associated with it was a dubious claim to fame. It’s unclear how much that social stimga contributed to her drug addictions, but there was no question that she was an addict. Lovelace was arrested in 1974 on cocaine charges. In fact the drug addiction was partially responsible for her failure to exit the porn industry into more mainstream work in 1976.

Already similarities and connections to Lindsey Lohan can be seen. Lohan has had multiple arrests for drugs and intoxication. She is well known for her emotional tantrums and public outbursts. Her career has suffered from these acts, and whatever talent she might have likely has been suffering from these same reasons.

Lindsey Lohan is therefore an excellent choice for portraying Linda Lovelace. Perhaps the only better choice would be Paris hilton, if she had any talent.

But this is not a porn film. Inferno is a mainstream film about Lovelace, more of a biopic than an adult film industry historical tour. Obviously there will have to be portions of the film that will deal with Deep Throat. It might delve into the beastiality films that Lovelace made (though how that will make it past censors and U.S. law will be interesting in itself). And the film will certainly contain the struggles with drug addition and conversion to anti-porn advocacy that Lovelace lived.

In a way this film could be a restart for Lohan. If she can channel her demons it could be a performance like that of Robert Downey Jr. in Less Than Zero. If not it will be a farce that only reinforces the public perceptions, and provides voyuers a publicly safe peak at porn. Either way it seems that Lohan may have finally found her niche.

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