Movie Preview: Micmacs

By Michael Vass | May 13, 2010

What might you expect from the French? How about a film that makes a statement against corporations and war, while expressing the angst of being different in society. By the way, this is a comedy.

Yes, Micmacs is a film meant to make statements on everything the French dislike while serving up some laughs. I can see it being a rage on certain college campuses and San Fransisco. For the rest of us, it’s not as great a ride.

Essentially the lead character, Bazil, is a man who can’t get a break. His dad was killed by a roadside bomb (war is bad) leaving him an orphan. He grows up to be a video store clerk (life is hard which is bad). While at work he is freakishly hit by a stray bullet from a horribly wrong drive-by shooting (yes they happen in places besides L.A.). But he is not dead, yet. The bullet might kill him at any moment, as it can’t be retrieved and is in his head, but he has lost his job (mean business owners) and is penniless (cruel government won’t shre wealth with him).

Bazil thus runs into a group of misfits (being outside the norms of society is good). They live in a scrap heap of junk (what we waste is more than enough to live on) and reuse the junk in creative ways. They take in Bazil as one of their own. Life is good.

Then Bazil finds the location of the company that cause his life harm (corporations evil). In a twist that is obvious, Bazil and his friends go off and become a delusional version of Ocean’s Eleven. They create a complex plot to get revenge for Bazil and his wasted life. Thus hilarity ensues.

I would guess, only a guess, that at the end of the film as Bazil is at the peak of his triumph, he drops dead from the bullet. It is a French film after all.

Given all the political and social leanings the film seems to embody, it does look well acted. The imagery and imagination match well giving a playful tone to many of the scenes. Watching Elastic Girl do her contortions looks painful, but you can also see where the humor can be derived in this. And it is a classic underdog story, which has it’s own note in all of us.

This film is coming out in limited relase. Would I search it out to watch? No. Would I watch it if it was in a theater near me? No. But if it popped up on IFC one day when I was bored and it was raining outside, I might watch it. That doesn’t mean it is a bad film, just not my cup of tea.

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