2010 Summer movies that should be good

By Michael Vass | May 17, 2010

As the summer season really kicks in, the bulk of what Hollywood has to offer is coming fast and mostly together. Like most years there are a hoarde of forgettable films better seen on DVD or just waiting for cable. But there are a few films that look like something worth the money and time.

Going month by month, here are a few of the films that look to be worthy of a trip to the theater. (Full previews will be coming on each film).

May 2010

Most of the month is gone by now. If you haven’t seen Iron Man 2, you should. Rachet down the hype and expectations from the first film and you will enjoy this sequel that is very well done.

The other May film that looks like a must see is Prince of Persia. A video game conversion film, Disney spent a lot of money on the CGI. Better is the fact that the story integrates the special effect of the video game (turning back time) in a stylish and worthwile manner. The acting looks decent, and the scenery is fantastic.

June 2010

Next month the competition for movie-goers money gets really fierce. Again the selection of what is quality is smaller than you might expect. Out of 10 films in this month the reall winners are: Knight and Day

Farcical and filled with action. Think of it as Mission Impossible on a laugh track. But it’s not a complete joke. There is a spy movie that is more of the core of the film than comedy. Kind of like True Lies more than Spy Hard.

For the kids there is the remake of The Karate Kid. On location in China, with Jackie Chan and Will Smith’s son Jayden Smith. We lose the patriotic aspects of Miyoji (and he becomes Chinese instead of Japanese) but gain a bit more cultural diversity. The key though is that the story of inner growth and beating seemingly insurmountable odds remains. Which is always a good concept for kids to see.

For action junkies, that need a fix, there is the A-Team movie. I’m not impressed, but it is an option if you really need to go out and see a movie. This barely made the list.

July 2010

A few more options are available in this month. Films for the kids as well as adults. If the action junkies held out they will get a reward along with sci-fi fans. Predators is going to be worth the time. Robert Rodriguez as director; Lawrence Fishburne; new Predators (a pet dog it seems); guns and exotic weapons. Yep, its time for action.

For kids there is Despicable Me. It’s cute, it’s silly, it’s colorful. The bad part is it’s in 3-D (the new craze to steal a couple of extra bucks). But it has enough fun for parents to watch along side the kids without being bored to death.

The potential suprise of July will likely be Sorcerer’s Apprentice. When Disney decided to take the concept and make it live action, there were doubts. When Nicolas Cage was set for the lead there were more doubts. But the final product looks like it’s better than the parts.

Another surprise film will likely be Beastly. Targeted toward the teen to 20-something girls, it has some appeal. Basically a revisioning of Beauty and the Beast. But there is a bit of style in the film. A good date movie that guys won’t hate entirely.

Which leads us to August 2010. There really is only 1 film to end the summer blockbuster season with. Everyone is looking forward to it. I’ve written about it several times.

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