Central New York APA 9-ball pool tournament

By Michael Vass | June 14, 2010

As longtime readers are aware, I am an avid pool player. I play in the American Poolplayers Association for 8-ball and 9-ball. This past weekend was the regional tournament to determine who will go to Las Vegas for the National competition, playing the best in the country and several overseas teams.

I present the following video, an edited quick version of 2 racks in a competition for Michael Vass of the Guys and Dolls II team (located in Endicott New York) and Tim Cox of Ithaca. Tim is ranked as a level 7 pool player – meaning he needs to sink 55 balls to win. Michael Vass is ranked as a 5 and needs 38 to win.

As can be seen, both men played smart games. Making difficult shots is not enough. Especially with higher level players where defensive shots can make the difference between running out or getting another turn. And of course even the best players make mistakes, miss-hit, or get stuck. Both Tim Cox and Michael Vass prove that in the video.

Ultimately neither Michael Vass nor Tim Cox (and their respective teams) won the chance to go to Las Vegas. Even so there was no lack of competition on display.

More video of the event will be up once the editing is done. [By the way, is video with natural sound or music added preferred by readers?]

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