World Cup controversy – America denied win

By Michael Vass | June 18, 2010

This is incredible. There is no question that Team USA played poorly in the first half of the match against Group C rival Slovenia. Equally there is no question that the pace of the game stepped up in the second half.

After a rallying goal at 47:33 in the second half by Landon Donovan, the USA was down 2-1 versus Slovenia. It was no simple task for America to make up the second gola while denying Slovenia another goal. But in the 81st minute Michael Bradley evened up the score. With time left Team USA was eager to win.

That’s when things get very odd. Already there had been plays (in the 40th and 68th minutes) that were against the USA that were questionable. But in the 85th minute America had a significant chance to win. Off of a free kick outside the penalty box, Maurice Edu kicked in the winning goal. Then it was denied.

This was a shocking call. The cause given was offsides. But neither Edu nor any American was offsides. Every angle of replay has shown this.

Worse, was the fact that if a referee was paying so close attention to the players being offsides then they could NOT have missed Jozy Altidore and Michael Bradley being held (Bradley actually being put into a headlock). Each of those offenses should have been worthy of a penalty kick alone. But neither player received the call they deserved to have been granted.

Thus the outcome was a mystery call without justification, a denied winning goal, a denial of 2 additional penalty kicks and potentially 2 more points. Considering the Group C points it is very possible that America will be out of advancing to the knockout Round of 16. All because of the referee.

Why does the USA continuosly suffer from horrendous call from referees in the World Cup? Politics? In a post-Bush America the world was supposed to embrace President Obama, and he has made every effort to apologize to everyone (except our allies). So that should not be it.

Is it a general anti-American sentiment. That’s been a problem in the world since the 1950′s, but it shouldn’t have been a factor. Could it be that the referee was paid off? Doubtful. FIFA is careful to ensure that the referees are not tainted (except for the world cup in France – but then again the rumor is France bought the opposing team not the referees).

Whatever the reason, the outcome is the same. Outrage. It was a deplorable action with far reaching ramification. The world of soccer has been shown it’s dark side, and once again that shadow fall on the USA. But maybe this time the rest of FIFA and the world will make a comment.

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12 Responses to “World Cup controversy – America denied win”

  1. Michael Vass

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    yeah okay first of all XAn00bisv3 when you have as much experience as my father does seeing every single world cup after world war 2 then you can be talking didnt you see the stupid stuff that ref was doing giving cards out like it was candy at the wrong times wtf after a comeback like that hell yeah they deserve to win your the only asshole saying something about it go talk with all the experts and people on espn ummm slovenia was tripping the usa players like crazy wtf shut the fuck up

  2. Michael Vass

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    maybe america didnt have the better game but they should have had that goal
    the player that was called offside was not even in the play and never touched the ball the ref called it without using his refs on the sideline and unfortunately america got the short end of the stick

  3. Michael Vass

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    @XAn00bisv3 you’re probably from england lmao

  4. Michael Vass

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    @XAn00bisv3 your joking right?

  5. Michael Vass

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    Refs make mistakes like everyone else. What the video dosen’t show is where the ref was. A player might have been blocking his view. I’m sure we wouldn’t be complaining if a bad call went in favor of USA. (RE: Brianna Scurry clearly off her line in the shootout with China a few years back) I’ve refed, coached, and played soccer so I know both sides. I’ve lost and won games due to questionable calls. Time to move on and worry about next game. maybe the bad calls will go our way next time.

  6. Michael Vass

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    its was bad bad bad call..he should not have been ref…

  7. Michael Vass

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    @Heidi51493 US had the better game second half was all usa and we had double the stat people might want to check facts b4 speaking!!!!

  8. Michael Vass

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    Robbed with a yellow card….So much for Amnesty.

  9. Michael Vass

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    @XAn00bisv3  I do not allow personal attacks, nor is the use of foul language warranted. I will dlete the comment.

  10. Michael Vass

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    OMG worst referee EVER! ya, idk man , lot of mistakes ver clearly , perhaps scene 2 and 3 is a slighltly out of his “sigh” lol, but the first scene, is …. in fking front!!!! wtf!
    Anyways… Good Luck USA!

  11. Michael Vass

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    I went through the free kick frame by frame forwards and backwards in slow mo and freeze frame…. I saw at one point 6 US attackers being held in bear-hugs at the same time. SIX simultaneous fouls against the US. Miraculously, they still scored a goal. A legitimate goal. A good goal. An amazing goal. For it then to be stolen from them is a travesty of natural justice. There should be an official complaint and a big stink made of it. No other team would accept that lying down. It was so unfair.

  12. Michael Vass

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    Everyone hate America i don’t get it. they want to come here and do all this nice stuff we allow here but they hate us. we back our allies in wars and all that stuff.. try to help out and all hate on us.. just look at it this way.. we can’t get anywhere in any world sport cus all the NOOBs around the world say America sucks etc etc. Talk about racism . this these places need to look at them self before they hate on us

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