World Cup: Brazil vs Chile – half

By Michael Vass | June 28, 2010

It’s a South American brawl.

There is no question that South America has dominated the 2010 World Cup. Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, all have beaten up on their opponents – often mercilessly. So having 2 of these tems facing off in the knockout round bodes well for entertaining futbol.

The start of the match was no let down. Immediately Chile was on the attack. Trying to strike an early kill against Brazil. And they almost made it work, getting behind the Brazillian defenders but unable to make the vital cross and goal.

Brazil on the other hand started off very slowly. It was obvious that the pace of Brazil was off. They were plodding, and very sloppy in the midfield and in front of the Chile penalty box. Several times a Brazillian attack was reverse because of an easy take away in the midfield in the first 20 minutes.

Brazil had no better luck with their corner kicks too. 3 corner kicks in a row only resulted in a brusied Lucio. Which is not the worst result possible – just ask England how it feels to be treated like the USA when it comes to goal scoring and the officials.

Speaking of the referee, this match is an English team. They obviously were looking forward to a very physical match. It’s apparent because of all the players (at least 5 Brazillian, 3 Chilean) that were brought to the ground on credible fouls – many desereving a yellow card – only Kaka got a yellow card. Take that as you will.

Overall, the early portion of the half was all Chile. Then Brazil got the ball. Everything reversed. Though Brazil continued to have a problem with the ball at the penalty box line. Half a dozen breakouts and pass plays all ended almost exqatly on the Chile penalty box line. Most were not a result of Chile defense.

But that resolved itself in the 33rd minute as #4 Juan blazed the trail to success by scoring a goal. It ignited Brazil, and in the 37th minute #9 Luis Fabiano followed up with a goal of his own just outside the penalty box. From this point on almost every player form Brazil (except Kaka) had a try at the Chile goal. No one else made it connect, but the pressure was on through the half.

Based on this development, the final score will likely be 3 -1 or 4 – 2 in favor of Brazil. While the counter attack of Chile is strong and accurate, Brazil is just faster and far better footwork. When they concentrate, Brazil does not give up the ball and often intercepts Chile passes. Which equates to goals at some point in the game.

Look out Netherlands, your nightmare is real. Expect to be playing Brazil in the quarter finals.

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