Stephen Colbert in Congress

By Michael Vass | September 24, 2010

This was written originally at our VASS political commentary site. We have spent the focus of our time there as the mid-term elections approach. Check it out.

Ha Ha, oh how funny. Stephen Colbert is one of the best satirical comedians in the business today. He is one of the most watched figures in politics. Plus he is one of the few loved liberals (in the guise of a Conservative) during a time of political anger at Liberal Democrat policies in the nation.

For such an individual, appearing before Congress (without the commission of a crime) is a coup. It is a confirmation of his stature in pop culture. A ratings grab of huge proportion. It’s almost better than the salary that he receives, which is substantial. At least one would assume so.

Given all of this Stephen Colbert cannot be blamed for appearing before Congress today. He was invited to Congress. It was understood that he would appear as his alter-ego (as seen on television). It was understood that he would mock the issue he was speaking on, illegal immigration, and in doing so mock opponents of amnesty.

This was a calculation. A formula that equated in some minds as a means to bring attention to immigration reform. The best way to attack opponents, making them seem foolish, yet having no direct responsibility.

But what was the true result? What did the Judiciary Committee acheive?

They spent roughly $125,000. They enraged opponents. They reconfirmed the views of supporters. They change no one’s opinion.

In effect nothing happened. The DREAM Act is no closer to gaining public support, nor will anyone allow the Act to slip past hidden in legislation in an attempt to deceive the public.

It would be wonderful if Stephen Colbert repaid Congress for the cost of the hearing. It would be far better if the DNC or Subcommitte paid the cost. But the reality is that taxpayers will pay the cost. Again.

Again, this was not the fault of Stephen Colbert (no matter which personality is pointed at). This was directly the fault of a Democrat-led Congress in distress and grasping at straws to find some means and justification for following a policy that only their political party advocates.

Shame on them.

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