The 2011 Alchemy line – as a music video

By Michael Vass | October 1, 2010

We were trying to find a way to let you see all the different things in the new Alchemy of England product lines of 2011. There is just too much stuff. So we decided to put it to music and let you get a taste, but there is just so much more.

You can get everything you see in the video and more at Alchemy at World of VASS. Handmade, imported from England, with the highest standards of craftmanship.

You can be unique by owning exactly what everyone else has, or you can check out the huge selection of everything for everyone and really be unique.

Also, for those that are concerned about buying from our site, you can also buy the complete Alchemy line from our store on eBay – You won’t get our discounts, but the option is yours.

**Alchemy at World of VASS is a division of M V Consulting, Inc. All purchases are secure via Paypal. Your support keeps us going, and we appreciate it.**

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