Mayor Ed Koch and Ron Lauder meet Michael Vass

By Michael Vass | October 14, 2010

With less than 30 days until the mid-term election there is little time for candidates, incumbents, or political commentators like ourselves to do anything but move from story to story or event to event. But there are definitely perks that can be attributed to the active schedule that allows for little sleep.

One of those benefits occured yesterday. Michael Vass, president of M V Consulting, Inc., had the opportunity to meet with former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, and also Ron Lauder (of Estee Lauder and philanthropy fame) yesterday. The occassion came from the coverage of Mayor Koch and Mr. Lauder endorsing NY Congressional candidate George Phillips (video of which will be up shortly at VASS).

Besides lively conversation, Mr. Vass was able to gain photos with these prominent and well respected men.

Ron Lauder speaks with  Michael Vass at Torches in Newbugh NY

Michael and Ron Lauder

Mayor Ed Koch and Michael Vass of M V Consulting, Inc.

Michael Vass meets with Mayor Ed Koch

This isn’t entertainment related, but it is what is going on with M V Consulting at the moment. The mid-term elections are important, and we take very seriously our mission to preovide as much information for voters as possible; allowing them to make the most intelligent choice they can. No matter who they choose to vote for.

Again than you for your patience with us, and your support that allows us to provide all the diversity and information you have come to follow over the years.

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