Coach Kevin Broadus vindicated, and Binghamton University still doesn’t care

By Michael Vass | October 18, 2010

In sports 6 months can be a lifetime. The events that happen in half a year can erase past memories, or reinforce them. It can make even avid fans forgive a team, or forget the worst offenses of any player. It would seem that for Binghamton University, the same kind of effect has been hoped for with regard to their treatment of the Men’s Basketball team coach.

Back on April 2nd of this year we brought up the issue of Binghamton University Men’s Basketball Coach Kevin Broadus. The issue at the time was the NCAA investigation into wrongdoing, and a subsequent slap in the face by Binghamton University against the Coach. There were investigations, by the University, that were looking for any and every reason to justify the claims of the University – much of which went well beyond the bounds of credibility.

But Binghamton wanted to wait for the NCAA. That was their catchall in the situation. It was their ultimate justification.

6 months later, the NCAA has closed the investigation. Attorney Linda Kenney Baden forwarded us this public response

[New York, NY] [October 18, 2010] – Today Linda Kenney Baden, Esq. issued the following statement on behalf of her client, Coach Kevin Broadus:

“We have received notice the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has closed its investigation of the men’s basketball program of SUNY-Binghamton that included allegations involving Coach Kevin Broadus. Since the investigation is closed it is time for SUNY – Binghamton to restore Coach Kevin Broadus’s dignity and reputation. Chancellor Zimpher spent nearly 1 million dollars, half of it from taxpayer funds on an audit riddled with innuendo that caused enormous damage to Coach Broadus.

Perhaps instead of seeking raises for her close advisors and renovating her offices reportedly for millions of dollars, she should focus on treating all her employees equally”.


Suffice to say, the NCAA found no wrongdoing. In April we said

“It’s about the virtual non-existence of people of color in positions of authority and prominence. It’s about the media’s blind eye to almost any but the most negative issues regarding people of color. It’s about the racial divide in America continuing to be as problematic as ever before.”

Today we ask the rest of the media where they are on this issue. Where is the apology from Binghamton University? Where is the media getting an answer from Chancellor Zimpher about why allegedly $1 million was spent on an investigation that had little to do with the 2nd tier NCAA violation that was claimed at the time? Why has Binghamton University made clear they will not allow Coach Broadus to do his job for the entire 2010-11 year (stated on October 5th, ten days before the NCAA released their findings)?

Perhaps the most important question that was asked about this situation was the following

“If any administrator, teacher, and/or coach can be singled out and ostracized – based on race or any other factor independent of their character and actions – how does this affect their ability to interact with the students?”

It’s a question that yet has an answer. The fact that Binghamton University has yet to issue an apology shows that there is no remorse in what was done to Coach Broadus. Therefore, what can any student expect from the faculty and administration? Exactly how free in expression and daily life are the students really, when even faculty can be ostracized without a pebble’s ripple of reaction?

Binghamton University obviously wants to sweep the whole thing under a rug and ignore it. That is until the performance reviews for Coach Broadus come up – and you can take odds on how positive they will be. But Kevin Broadus has indicated he will sue for the violations inflicted upon him. Based on the utter refusal of BU to even consider the wrongfulnmess of their actions, we look forward to the embarassment the University has brought upon itself.

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