What do you get when you mix punk and opera?

By Michael Vass | November 8, 2010

Now there is a mix you just don’t hear about. I dare say you won’t find that as a mashup (though if there is one I’d love to get a link to a video of it – or the recording). Even so, there is one case of this mix that you can find. Sort of.

Lou Reeds is well known for his darker punk expression. In fact it was the cause of a bit of scandal when Susan Boyle came from the U.K. to sing a cover of one of his songs for America’s Got Talent, only to be denied the opportunity.

In the end Susan Boyle got her chance to sing the song (Perfect Day), in fact it’s part of her upcoming album. But the video is where things get interesting. Because not only did Lou Reeds allow the phenomenal singer to cover the song (in a very non-punk style), he helped to create the video that goes with the song. So much was his influence that he got co-directing credit.

You can see aspects of the influence, we believe, in the darker silohuette and foggy portions of the video. That counter-expectation and juxatposed visual to the songs style and tempo. It adds to the song in a way. Hinting at darker motivations or something off just before or after the horizon.

But you can be the judge. Here is Lou Reed’s version from 1998

and now Susan Boyle’s version

**I stand corrected. Lou Reed did a version of the song with Pavorotti live. Here is that version. Far more operatic.

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