Cool lightsaber battle

By Michael Vass | November 9, 2010

Yes I am a geek. I love Star Wars (mostly the original 3 films and Darth Maul). Like every Star Wars fan, I would love to have a lightsaber and to have a kickass fight with it.

Reality kicks in to remind me that this will not happen. So the alternative is to live vicariously via movies, and on occassion the occassional good Youtube video. Concrete Hustle is one of the alternatives.

It’s not a high budget, star studded production. It’s not filled with expensive CGI and silly characters that everyone over the age of 5 would rather have seen dead.

What Contrete Hustle does contain is fun, decent choreography, and reasonable special effects. It is inventive and decent in attention to detail. Plus there are a couple of cool moves – like the fight ending one.

Is it the best ever? No. But for what it is, fans living out a fantasy, it accomplishes more than many a $100 million film in recent memory.

Check it out. Unlike many films these days you won’t be wasting time from your life.

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