Garfield – against Veterans or just unlucky?

By Michael Vass | November 13, 2010

Love him or hate him, most people have seen Garfield. He’s the overweight and snarky cat headlining the comic strip in newspapers across the nation for over a decade. In fact his popularity is so high that 2 movies (both incredibly unfunny) have been made. But the one thing that probably hasn’t been questioned about this character is whether he hates veterans or not. A question seriously raised after this past Veteran’s Day.

The issue at hand is

Garfield Veteran's Day controversy

Garfield Veteran's Day controversy

The comic strip cartoon seems simple enough. Until you realize that the strip ran on Veteran’s Day. Suddenly it takes a new context. An infuriating one.

Jim Davis is the creator of the Garfield comic strip. He has a brother that served in Viet Nam, and his son is a Marine that served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Such a background seems unlikely to be the source of a comic more akin to Nancy Pelosi and the views of the far-left.

But Davis has made clear in his apology that he did not intend for the cartoon to run on Veteran’s Day.

“He said it was written nearly a year ago and called the publication Thursday “the worst timing ever.”

“It absolutely, positively has nothing to do with this important day of remembrance,” Davis said.

Given Davis’ background we have every reason to believe him. But the real question then is why did the editor (or whomever makes the choice of what to run nationally) make the choice to run this particular strip on this very specific day? Because someone was trying to send a message. A message that has been heard.

Why hasn’t anyone questioned the intentions of anyone beyond Davis? Why would someon chose to attack veteran’s, using such an unlikely source as their weapon of choice?

We accept Davis’s apology. We believe that someone wanted to send a message via his comic stip. But we wish that such a coward would have made thier comments public, under thier own name and resources. In addition we wonder why in newspapers across the nation editors didn’t act to not publish such an insult to the nations Veteran’s, living and dead.

But that is us. What do you think?

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