Movie Preview: The Tourist

By Michael Vass | November 17, 2010

There is nothing like hype to sell a movie. There is also little better to generate hype than having Johnny Depp and Anjelina Jolie in a movie together. Especially when there is the potential for a good sex scene.

But is there anything that may be worthwhile in the film? Is it all hype and no substance?

The fact that Johnny Depp is in the film gives it some weight. His acting credentials are without question. No matter the style of film, he is always a standout giving 100%. So that much of the film will work.

Anjelina Jolie is no joke either. While not as assured of a great performance, she has had many roles of superb quality. Plus, and this is important in a Hollywood film, she looks great and would seem to have onscreen chemistry with Depp.

So the question is not the acting but the movie. All we have to go on is the trailer.

What the trailer makes clear is what is going to happen in the film. It’s transparent. There is no real mystery.

**Warning – Potential spoiler alert!**

The most likely situation is that Depp is in fact the “Pearse” that everyone is looking for. It’s obvious. The big twist, really isn’t. If I am correct, then this part of the story is dead from the trailer alone.

Potential Spoiler End

The real factor in the movie is the action and chemistry between characters. Can you believe that Jolie would fall for Depp as Frank? Also can Frank just be lucky enough to evade situations, without giving away who he is?

For those that love films with a deep plot twist as intrigue and action of a spy film nature swirls past, this film will likely leave you wanting. For those that are looking for a romance film, especially with these 2 actors and the backdrop of Europe, this film will be much better.

There isn’t much more that needs to be said. The scenery is great. The photography looks to be spot on. The action seems like enough to approach the general levels of most guy-centric US films – though we expect that the trailer is misleading on this. The film will likely be far more heavy on character interaction and plot development than action oriented.

The bottom line is if you are a fan of either Jolie or Depp you will love the film. If you like the concept of seeing them together in a sexy pose or 2, this is your film. If you want a James Bond-ish kind of film, an action adventure, or anything else you will likely be more disappointed.

It’ll top the weekend gross when it comes out. But hype is the real winner in this film.

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2 Responses to “Movie Preview: The Tourist”

  1. Perry Azen

    Johnny Depp’s acting is freakin’ genius. Many in his industry aren’t even in his league!!!

  2. Michael Vass

    And yet even the very best actors can and do make sub-standard or bad films.

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