Justified: Season 2 starts on FX

By Michael Vass | February 10, 2011

So when we last saw Marshal Raylan Givens, he had just survived an ambush, his best friend was shot (again) and in pursuit of the surviving would-be killer, and his on and off girlfriend was hiding in the woods.

Season 2 picks up immediately from that point. In fact the last 3 minutes of season 1 are the first of season 2. So no one can say they are lost on what was going on. But moving forward, in 7 minutes, we find out what has happened to everyone (except Ava). In fact we resolve the issue of the case against Raylan. He even was offered his old job in Florida back. Which he rejected.

Then came the paperwork. Obviously one of the writers remembered that scene in Hot Fuzz. Thus we get an even more realistic horde of paper that our hero has to fill out, and questions he must answer. At the same time we get a tidy wrap-up of the loose ends on why Boyd isn’t under arrest.

All of this just to start the 2nd half-hour where the main story of the episode takes place. A search for a pedophile, in the backwoods of Harlan County. And we learn that Marshal Givens is even more popular than we first thought. As well as being introduced to yet another family of nay-do-wells (who are at least more polite than the Crowders).

So has the show kept the same feel that made it a hit in season 1? Does Timothy Olyphant still carry the same appeal as Marshal Givens?

Yes indeed it does.

Boyd Crowder is hiding, the Harlan criminal society is trying to figure what to do about the void with Bo now dead. Marshal Givens has made his choice about staying in Kentucky. And the Bennet family are far more dangerous – at least the mother is. The potential of the series is wide open.

Not to mention the further complications of the ex-wife back in Raylan’s life.

There is just something about the slower pace and easy style the show features. Not rushing through the scenes and not dumbing down the writing are critical. Adam Arkin did the direction and it works well.

If you haven’t seen the show, you really need to check out a couple of episodes.

The big questions that I have after the season 2 start are:

Will Boyd go bad, find peace in his religion, or just disappear?
Will Raylyn get back with his ex-wife, and will Ava just let it happen?
Just how mean is Momma Bennet?
How many episodes can the television show go without Raylan killing a couple of bad guys?

I’m sure we won’t have long to wait and find out.

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