When tennis is too sexy for tv

By Michael Vass | March 25, 2011

When someone mentions tennis the natural thought is sex, right? Probably not. But if you were to talk about sex on television, or commercials that are implicitly about sex, well then your mind might explode with all the potential images that could come to mind.

Given that setting, the reality in which Arby’s commercial with the very unsexy Paris Hamilton filled the internet with conversation, you would imagine that a televsion commercial featuring Serena Williams would not be a big deal. Of course that would be wrong. Serena Williams is just too much for the timid eyes of a population that predominantly has access to perhaps hundreds of R – rated films on dozens of channels; which says nothing of the televison programs and soap operas with racy material – all day long.

If you have not heard, a new video game commercial featuring Serena Williams and an actress playing video tennis has been pulled from the airwaves. Comments from Chris Chase of Yahoo Sports seems to sum it up,

“There are shots of nearly bare bottoms, unseemly facial expressions and lots of cleavage, accompanied by a thumping techno beat and suggestive moaning.”

He is kidding right?

Nope he is serious. That’s how he describes the video, and there is no doubt that hordes of pubescent boys will scour the internet for the video, watching it frame by frame – just like when the Janet jackson controversy was exploited by the media. For everyone else, who have seen far more suggestive and racier commercials and television shows for decades now, its just a visdeo game commercial. It also happens to be particularly effective and original.

While Chris Chase, and others, may feel this commercial is “too much” for the youth and everyone else in America we believe it is fine. So to help out the pubescent kids, and anyone curious, we present the video with its “nearly bare bottoms” and obviously detrimental “thumping techno beat”.

As Chase goes on to state in his article, this was hardly new or worthy of banning on television. It’s not detrimental to tennis, and likely to create a few more fans that otherwise would avoid the sport, video game format or not.

Perhaps, in part, the issue at hand is the undeniable fact that Serena Williams is sexy. Not only that, but she is obviously very comfortable with that sexiness. In a society where willfully sexy women are shunned until behind doors, while at the same time idolized in certain formats on television and movies (which makes no surprise why so many have issues), any other reaction seems illogical. Which is more the shame of it all.

Of course it must also be noted that a Black woman doing the above is even more threatening and taboo. Doubtful as it is that anyone will even touch on that aspect, but if we are honest it is also a component in the sudden and unneeded pulling of the commercial.

But this is just one opinion. What do you think? Is this commercial too sexy? Is there anything wrong with a successful and talented woman being sexy, and paid for looking the part? Is the subconcious of the nation not ready to comprehend a Black woman being sexy, and not trash as often portrayed in far too many music videos that go unspoken about in the major media?

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