Hide the children, Serena Williams is STILL too sexy for tennis

By Michael Vass | April 12, 2011

It’s almost funny the way that much of the media and certain prudish types foam at the mouth whenever Serena Williams gets on the tennis court. It doesn’t even matter if that tennis court is virtual. The woman is just too sexy.

There has been no end to the controversy. Almost every outfit she may wear is as important as the tennis match that she is involved with. Often, for those that could care less about tennis (like myself), the ONLY thing that gets to the masses is what she is wearing. Which bodes poorly for tennis if that is the biggest news out there.

Forget that the ABILITY of Serena Williams dominates just about everyone except perhaps her sister. Forget the number of wins and titles that she has. Forget that she, and her sister, have done more to elevate the game of tennis among the general public than almost any player since John McEnroe and his eternal rants and poor sportsmanship.

Just look at what she is wearing. Children are being corrupted as we speak.

Serena stuns in pink

Serena is stunning, but is that because of the tennis or the outfit?

Serena Williams is a sexy Black woman. Even in wearing a one-piece outfit that reveals nothing, the fact that she is an attractive woman is obvious. Perhaps that is why she is so controversial.

Detractors cannot deny her ability, nor her intelligence. Her business accumen is as sharp as anyone, and most similar to Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods. She is one of the best in tennis, making more money for the sport by the mere fact she is involved. She is also following a tradition of other Black super athletes that have dominated tennis over the decades.

But I have to wonder why there is so much controversy over what she wears. When Maria Sharapova was garnering scores of television ads and commercial endorsements, no one was freaking out about what she wore. There were no cries of her appearance being too much for audiences. Yet she made millions, even as her career in tennis treaded in the realm of mediocre. The truth being she was trading her looks and femininity for the money she could not make on talent alone.

Let’s face it. Tennis is boring. It compares to most sports about as well as ice skating and curling. Even watching NASCAR going in circles is more entertaining. Anything that causes the sport to be more than an extended series of back-and-forth is worthwhile.

At the same time, it’s about time that the media wake up and realize that sexy Black women need not be relagated to rap music videos and hyper sexual scenes in movies. Because all this attention tells me is that far too many are having very specific dreams, and Serena gets to cash in on this voyuerism.

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  1. Michel Scofield

    I think the writer tell the right thing about the Tennis and also Serena. She steel looks very sexy.

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