Want to be a movie star? Vote Liberal

By Michael Vass | June 1, 2011

One of the worst things that happens in entertainment is when politics is the motivation. There are numerous examples in movies and television. But, to say out loud that if you don’t believe exactly 1 way you will likely never work, is an unproven open secret. That is until now.

In the past there have been many actors that have stated they are discriminated against because of their political beliefs. There have been many people that have pointed out the television shows and movies that have the main purpose of fulfilling an agenda. A quick list of these include:

  • Television
      That 70′s Show
      Happy Days
      Family Ties
      Law and Order
      The Daily Show
      Colbert Report
      The View
  • Movies
      Lions for Lambs
      War, Inc.
      Fourth of July
      The China Sybndrome
      The Seige
      Escape from LA
      GI Jane
      John Q
      Star Wars Episode II

    The list could go on for hours. Simply put, if its in a movie or television it is likely Liberal. But no one is willing to state, on the record, that unless you are a Democrat/Liberal you will not work in Hollywood. That is until now.

    Primetime Propaganda by Ben Shapiro is the book that is the proof. Not only did Shapiro get top producers and television executives to admit the truth, which he has compiled into a book, he has them on tape. He is releasing those tapes – as advertising for the book – one at a time. Listening to the television execs in their own words is telling.

    How special. Imagine that, a group of people who adamantly work every day to modify the political actions of the public, every day. In some places in the world, that kind of technique – done in a slightly differnt way – is called brainwashing.

    Consider this. How many great writers, directors, actors and actresses – of everey race and religion – are being discriminated against in Hollywood right now? How many people are being denied work, just because a group of “old White men” don’t like using their constitutional right to vote in a differnt way.

    Different thought. Imagine what day after day your kids are being taught as they watch these shows. Being told, in a subtle but definite manner, what to believe.

    Can’t believe it? Just recall that the character of Alex Keaton (played well by Michael J. Fox) was the BAD guy of the show – until the charm of Fox forced a change in the storyline, most of the time. Recall any episode of the Daily Show as it ranted against President Bush, and the relatively light hand it gives Preesident Obama (who is no less prome to gaffes or bad policy). Consider the multitude of cable television news channels that openly state how they get “chills” and “tingles” every time President Obama speaks about anything.

    I’m not saying that having a Liberal view is a bad thing. Nor am I saying that Conservative views are the only thing that should be on tv or movies. But I am saying that if you were told you couldn’t work because you are Black, or Lutheran, or wearing a white shirt, there would be outrage. I am saying that there is a concerted effort to mold the minds of people watching entertainment, to promote an agenda that a select, rich, male-dominated group approve of – in other words the very same thing that Liberals say they hate about Conservatives doing.

    Best of all, this isn’t fiction. Its open and honest statements by the people that control what you see every day.

    Perhaps it’s just me, but discimination in any form is wrong. It’s the exact opposite of what we expect. It’s the first step in removing the freedom of choice. Not to mention that it smacks of hypocrisy from the same Hollywood types that want to insult Conservatives every chance they get.

    You may not care, you may agree with the Liberal views. But the point is, you don’t have a choice.

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    1. Lynn

      While you make an interesting point, and i can agree that many tv shows and movies these days do slant liberal, or even outwardly promote it, let’s not forget that it wasn’t too long ago when ALL of tv and movies were Conservative. People actually were told they couldn’t work because they were Black, Hispanic, women, etc. What we are seeing today is a pendulum swing in my opinion. It’s not a new concept. But I do agree, that no matter who is calling the shots, discrimination is wrong. Being liberal shouldn’t be an excuse to allow it.

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