Movie Preview: Rise of the Planet of the Apes

By Michael Vass | June 20, 2011

What would you get if you mixed Hollywood with PETA? Very likely Rise of the Planet of Apes.

The trailers are out, and not drawing too much buzz. After viewing the trailer it’s no suprise why. Fans of the original series from the 60′s again have no reason to go see this film. Fans of the Mark Wahlberg revisioning are also at a loss as there is no logical connection to the first film, at least that can be seen.

The film appears to be a long and poorly thought out message against animal testing. A worth message, especially for the PETA fanatical crowd. But not really the stuff of good sci fi. Not even a mediocre film.

Gone is the compassion of Ricardo Montalban as a crusader for equality. In fact the whole theme of using the strife of the apes as a metaphor of the struggle for civil rights is gone. For those that have not seen the earlier films, and too young to know, the original story is based on the struggle to end the racism and division between Blacks and Whites in the early 70′s.

It is that original theme, the struggle of the oppressed that gives so much empathy to the original films. It leads the viewer to side with the apes and their cause. This is especially true in the Rise of the Planet of Apes (original). The motivation of Ceasar, his anger, his rebellion all are justified and reasonable. The evil of the Government, in its most 1986 nature, is pure and unquestioned.

Instead, the revisioned film gives us the folly of genetic engineering, corporate greed, and the revenge of animals on humanity. All, well most, can be good motivations behind a film. But none are compelling, when the focus is the message and not the story itself.

Worst of all, there appears to be no connection to the first film. Nothing of the world of the original film, nor its ending, seem to be present.

There is more CGI, more make-up, meant to distract from the illogic. But less of anything that would make an audience need to see the film. Except if they are part of PETA, and animal rights fanatics.

Movie trailers are put together for one reason, to drive an audience to see a film. They splice together the very best parts of a film feeding the desire to learn more. If this is the best that Rise of the Planet of Apes can offer, wait for it on cable.

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  1. Don Greene

    I thought the movie was very relevant for our times. And I really didn’t think it was anti-animal testing either. If anything it gave legitimacy to real science, including animal testing. The problem here and the antagonist is not science, or apes for that matter either; it was corporate greed in control, bypassing careful scientific methods. And I felt that the movie absolutely stood for civil and human rights, and even advocates forceful revolt against oppression.

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