Weird Al channels Lady Gaga for music video

By Michael Vass | June 21, 2011

Music genres come and go. Entertainers have the single hits and fad to obscurity. Yet one of the most prolific, and highly successful entertainers alive today is a 51 year old White guy with often bad hair. Makes you wonder who has the real lasting talent.

Of course I’m speaking about Weird Al Yankovic. Since 1976 he has been regularly cranking out parodies of the very best current mega-stars of whatever year or decade. He’s taken on rappers, rockers, pop divas and more. He has mocked the king of pop (Michael Jackson – often), and out queened the queen (Madonna). Along the way he has sold more than 12 million albums, got 6 platinum records, 4 gold records, 3 Grammy’s, and 9 Grammy nominations.

Its more than just a compliment to say that Weird Al has outlasted most of the singers, bands, and trends in music. Its a fact. But, its also accurate to say that success, in some ways is defined by having Weird Al mock your songs. Actually, the only person that has ever publicly been upset about a Weird Al parody was Coolio – although he accepted the check for royalties that came from Weird Al without complaint.

Thus we come to the latest pop diva, who is striving to be more diva than any before her – Lady Gaga. No question she is talented, popular, and using her ability to act bizzarely and entrance papparazzi while doing so to he own benefit. But she can never take down the diva of the 80′s, Maddona. at least now without recognition. Enter Al.

The mix of the 51 year old Weird Al’s face on a body of an obviously younger woman, of great flexibility, with not quite right CGI is perfect. It captures the oddity of a Lady Gaga anything, while skewering that same oddity.

Has lady Gaga made it to the top of pop culture? Definitely. Will she be able to cling on to in in this age of insta-internet fads? Who knows.

But it is clear that no matter what happens to Gaga, Weird Al will endure. And that is something we all can enjoy.

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