Torchwood season 4 – the American version

By Michael Vass | June 22, 2011

Fans of BBC America, and sci fi, all know what Torchwood is. A television show that was spun successfully from Doctor Who (the David Tennant seasons). Which also meant that it was a big concept made with a small budget. But that was before America got involved.

The 3rd season of Torchwood was a huge ratings and critical success. Which was a surprise since the 5 episodes were created as a result of massive cuts in the budget of the program for 2009. The end of Torchwood: Children of Earth appeared to be the end of the series altogether. 3 of the main characters were dead, the Torchwood organization was essentially disbanded, and the nigh-immortal leader Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) was off on a trip through the universe to forget what he did and what it cost.

Thus when Starz (a cable channel in the US) jumped in and offered the needed cash to keep the show alive, fans were elated and a bit confused. How could the show move forward? What might be the result of American influences on a very British progamme?

A fear of course is the stereotypical. That the focus of the sci fi show would be shifted to American soil. That the cast would be filled with American actors. Plus the thought that the American penchant for over-the-top violence and explosions would dominate the plotlines..

Well fear no more. Not only is it confirmed that Torchwood will have season 4 take place in America, and have a majority of the cast filled with American actors, but apparently there will be enough explosions and violence to satisfy a WWE fan.

Is this the Torchwood that drew fans from across the Atlantic ocean? No. Is this better? That is the question.

More action. More explosions. More guns. More Americans.

Does the look of Torchwood: Miracle Day feel impressive? Oh yes. But it does not feel like Torchwood.

Of course, all answers will come on July 8th, when the new 10 episode season 4 begins.

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4 Responses to “Torchwood season 4 – the American version”

  1. justin holt

    I have seen this show online. Its all episodes are excellently done and really interesting to watch. Thank you very much for this informative post. I am dying to watch Torchwood Season 4.

  2. John

    This show has been ruined by the american feel. It has been filled with american actors and has driffted away from what it was when it first started. A death of a great british programme !! Thank you america !

  3. Paula

    Having been a huge fan of the first three seasons of Torchwood, I have to say that Season four is the worst thing that I have ever seen. Even Jack can’t save it. Rex and the other actors, who don’t merit a mention, are annoying. The dialogue is atrocious. The writing, acting, production, continuity, etc. are amateurish at best. Heinous at worst. I hope that John Barrowman and Eve Myles get to move on to better things. They deserve so much more than this drivel.

  4. kenny

    I am an American. That said. America and starz ruined “Americanized”what was once a great sci-fi drama! The American actors just jumped on the bandwagon…typical

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