How to make a 4 year old a deadly weapon

By Michael Vass | August 10, 2011

For decades now, the image promoted by the media has been that young Black youth are dangerous. That Black communities are unsafe. That extreme actions need to be taken. But how true is that image?

Of course there are issues facing the Black community today. Just as there are problems with White youth, and children of every creed and category across the nation today. Drug use, like heroin and PCP, is a massive problem in suburbs as well as, if not more than, urban areas. Black youth unemployment is nearly 19%, but White youth also exceeds the national average of 9.1%. As bad as it may be for one side, there is a comparable, if not in actual numbers larger, problem in White communities. But the media refrains from honesty.

It’s easy to point out that television continues to paint a picture of America with population diversity more akin with 1950 America than the 21st century. It’s easy to point out that movies and television (including cable) contain about 7% diversity – combining every minority in the nation. If the diversity behind the cameras were to be included into this figure, you still won’t clear 10%.

But the thing that gets me, is how the media is willing to twist fact. Forget the fiction of television shows and movies. Forget the imbalance of entertainment. Racial bias reaches to the way real life events are portrayed.

In Chicago, on CBS News, the clearest example of racial bias in the 21st century may have occured. When you see the following video, consider if you think that the edited video not only belittles the community it is reporting on, but frames people of color in a mode that sounds more like the openly racist 1950′s and not 2011.

So according to CBS, a Black child of 4 needs to be disuaded from becoming a police officer? People of color must be shielded from the possibility of being useful and beneficial parts of their community. Instead, it is better to promote the lie that people of color are violent?

If you wondered if America still contained racism, if we have entered a post-racial world just because we have a Black (actually bi-racial) President, this video of an actual news story on CBS in Chicago provides the clear answer.

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