Movie Preview: The Thing (2011)

By Michael Vass | September 14, 2011

Perhaps one of the bigger letdowns coming up will be the revisioned prequel to The Thing. This is based on John Carpenter’s excellent remake, starring Kurt Russell as RJ MacReady, of the original 1951 film The Thing From Another World.

The 2011 film is about the unlucky Norwegian scientific team that originally finds the alien and it’s spaceship that will ultimately go on to take on RJ MacReady and the American artic base. The fact that the ending is absolutely known, and that the suspense of what the creature is has been lost, is the last problem for this film.

This is a film from the producers of the remake of the Dawn of the Dead, an inferior version of the George Romero original. Thier claim to fame is being able to copy a better idea, and do it in more modern setting with less excitement, thrills, and suspense. Essentially they are the lite beer version of movie making.

That was true with Dawn of the Dead, and it appears true again with The Thing 2011.

As the trailer unfolds, fans of the 1982 Carpenter hit will see scene after scene that looks like a virtual copy. Those that have seen the 1951 original will also see several scenes that are almost ripped from that film. In fact, the most original item in the whole 2011 film is that a woman appears in the film as a scientist of some note.

But as I am often reminded, I’m older than the average movie going audience of today. Most have not seen the 1982 remake, and far fewer still have ever even heard of the 1951 original, let alone seen it. So those in the audience that did not get to see the prior movies might find this film to be unique. Even so, all the thrill and suspense can be seen in the trailer.

Perhaps, if you cannot get a copy of the superior 1982 John Carpenter film, you may want to see this. I wouldn’t suggest doing so at movie theater prices.

If you have seen the 1982 remake, don’t go to see the prequel. This film adds nothing to the Carpenter film and really gives no reason for a prequel.

*For the movie geeks out there – the 1982 version is actually a sequel of sorts to the 1951 original. It starts with the escape of a dog from the original base, which was retconned to then-modern day and escaped from the orignal retconned doomed base. Thus the 2011 version of the film is in a way a remake of the original 1951 film and a prequel to 1982.*

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