Previews of 2012 films that won’t get an Oscar

By Michael Vass | February 26, 2012

First I want to address the great work that Nicholas Haskins has been doing since he joined us here at Black Entertainment USA. He has a deep understanding of film and his reviews have been sharp and insightful. He has allowed me to focus on my political commentary and reporting at VASS – political commentary while providing our readers here up to date information on entertainment and movies.

But from time to time I like to still offer my outlook on movies and other aspects of entertainment – one cannot live on politics alone. Not even in an election year.

While the focus currently is on the Oscars, I wanted to take a look at some of the upcoming films of 2012. In particular the films that won’t get an Oscar. In fact most might have trouble getting an audience.

The first of the films that I think deserve to be avoided is the upcoming revision of the successful television show 21 Jump Street. This was the FOX tv series that launched the career of Johnny Depp, and one of the keys to making FOX a television channel that exists to this day (back in the 80′s FOX was an upstart, trying to nudge viewership from the big 3 national television stations – ABC, CBS, NBC).

21 Jump Street, in its cinematic appearance does what most revisions do. It takes everything that was enjoyable about the original and throws it out a window. Where the television show mixed humor, drama, and an overall quality storytelling the film version targets cheap low-brow slapstick humor.

21 Jump Street, the film, stars Channing Tatum – probably best known for his leading role in the abysmal GI Joe live action film. Tatum is paired with Jonah Hill – an actor who has risen to stardom on being typecast for his role in Superbad, a character he has yet to truely expand beyond. These are the 2 key roles, and based on the trailers and reported script, neither will see their careers improved in the manner that Depp or even Richard Grieco did.

Another factor that is important to the film is the appearance of Ice Cube (O’Shea Jackson). He takes the role of the Black police captain Fuller from the tv series, and injects it with none of the seriousness, or quality of Steven Williams. Imagine Darius Stone (of the awful XXX: State of the Union) and you get an idea of the role. Which only confirms, yet again, an old theory I made years ago. A film is generally proportionately worse as the number of rappers in the film increases.

The only thing working for this film is that the target market are too young to know this is a revisioned film, or the quality of the original. Coupled with mediocre actors and a general theme that promises to be just enough to draw the most bored of teens to a theater, this film exponetially more likely to gain Razzies than any award for recognition.

Battleship is another film that will never gain an award. Well perhaps it could win the aware for Best Adaptation of a board game – which it is. Yes, an entire film created based on the kids board game. Which has the sole intention of generating sales for the game, plus a cheap profit for Hasbro, Inc.

Back in 2008, when the news was first released that these games – for kids ages 3 and up – was first released I stated

“Hollywood is so devoid of ideas and has remade all the quality films and televisions shows that now children’s board games are the next source of inspiration…

Though the game Battleship does have potential. In that at least there is some sense, but I would expect it to turn out to be a modified remake of Run Silent Run Deep or The Enemy Below. Modified to be less than heroic or patriotic which is the current trend in military movies, sadly.”

The first part rings dead on. But after more than 3 years of planning, Battleship is the best they could come up with. Worse than I had expected.

This is a film that lives up to the current Hollywood mantra of CGI style without substance, and enough explosions and action to keep an audience too busy to notice until the film is over. The kind of film that is the equivalent of diet soda, the aftertaste makes you wonder why you did this to yourself.

In terms of mindless action based on an inconceivable plot, with cardboard acting, this film will fill the slot any fan of Transfomers will need until they make yet another sequel of that film series.

There is no lack of other films that can be mentioned. But for now, I will leave it at that. Please let us know your thoughts.

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