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By Michael Vass | March 15, 2012

We wanted to provide our readers with an early rough cut look at one of the series of new television commercials that will be hitting airwaves on April 1, 2012. Some may have seen rough cuts already, as we tweaked and edited the commercial to a small audience. But based on the response so far, we thought we should share one of the many reviews so far and a near finished version.

“Dude, you emerged from an armoire in some chicks apartment producing a necklace to adorn her from behind and she’s NOT surprised there’s a cat in slick back pimp get up chilling in her cupboard waiting to lavish her with non flora-fauna gifts when her main man fumbles on the goal line. What’s confusing? This works on so many levels.” – Chad Williams

Yes, the commercial is comedic. Apparently we hit the nail on that part. While it’s not exactly what we were trying to target with the commercial, we think the response is still right where we were trying to go.

Let us know what you think of the rough cut. **Update – Final version finished and commercials will launch April 2, 2012. See our post Television commercial pre-launch bonus**

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