Heineken denies dogfight promotion, forgets about Snakeskin Jacket commercial

By Michael Vass | April 18, 2012

Sometimes you just have to wonder what is really in the minds of some corporations. Heineken is one of those companies.

Recently there is a photo that has gone viral across the web of a dogfight with Heineken banners adorning the event.
Heineken banners at dogfight in Mongolia

The illegal event was in Mongolia in 2011, and Heineken has stated

“Images continue to circulate in social media channels showing a dog fight, with Heineken banners clearly visible in the background. This is very distressing and totally unacceptable. As a company and a brand owner, we do not and would never knowingly support any event, outlet or individual involved in this type of activity. It is against our company and brand rules and – more important – against our company values.”

[link requires age verification to view]

Against company values? Really. It would seem that Heineken has forgotten its well publicized television ads for Heineken Light. I am speaking about the Snakeskin Jacket commercial that was pulled from airwaves in 2011 but still can be found on Youtube

In the commercial, at 17 seconds, the company seems more than willing to promote “offshore charity snake fighting event[s]“. The message is readily that if you are into illegal animal fights, Heineken Light is the beer to have. I spoke about this at the time

“Would Michael Vick have been excused and (according to the Heineken ad’s implication) praised for holding snake fighting events?”

Given the national ad campaign that was launched, it is difficult to believe that a dog fight is against the company values. It would seem more accurate that the company is protecting sales in the face of outrage after they took a stance in favor of animal cruelty in the highest degree. An outrage that should have happened in 2011 with the Snakeskin Jacket commercial and has finally caught up with the company.

Again I denounce the commercial and the message it sends. I also denounce the dogfight seen in the photo above.

Lastly, it would be nice to see Heineken take a consistent and credible stance against these kinds of outrageous acts of animal cruelty.

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