Resident Evil: Retribution is an insult to the eyes

By theredraylives | September 15, 2012

“They are in the end a representation of what the film as a whole really is: an empty shell. A meaningless waste of time and space that serves only to insult the very people paying money to sit in seats and to watch it. It is a film only in the sense that it is projected from a projector onto a screen, but in every other sense it is an abomination. Ninety five minutes of pure and utter tripe without the simplest shred of a story or characters or anything redeeming. Just another explosion-fest that flat-out tells its audience it is too stupid and undeserving of anything approaching quality entertainment.”

Click on the photo of Ada or you can click here to check out my review of the mind-blowingly terrible Resident Evil: Retribution, now in theaters!

by Nicholas Haskins

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