Jaleel White talks about season 2 of Total Blackout on SyFy Channel

By Michael Vass | October 23, 2012

Jaleel White spoke at a conference call today about the second season of Total Blackout, starting October 30th at 10pm. Total Blackout is a game show, pitting contestants against perhaps the most difficult challenge in any game show – total darkness. The first season had 8 episodes and garnered about 1.2 million viewers per episode. Season 2 is upping the ante and changing things for contestants and viewers.

Mr. White, in boisterous spirits, joined the call to take questions from various media organizations. He spoke at length about the fact that the program has evolved. Both to add more for viewers entertainment, and in reaction to the way that some contestants in season one were able to find loopholes in the rules. An example is when a couple is in the dark room, one person could complete the challenge while the second – who was too scared to do anything – would hold on and do nothing. This won’t be happening in season 2, adding to the complexity of games.

“Anybody that’s coming in expecting to play the exact same games, that’s not gonna happen.” – Jaleel White

Mr. White also let us in on a few details of changes viewers will see and contestants will face. Animals will be larger, and far more fierce. The range is from “camels to crocodiles” as we were told. Adding to this is 6 new game challenges, though the ‘mouse trap’ game (which is a favorite of Mr. White) remains. Another challenge that will carry-over from season one will be the tanks filled with various contents. There will be more for contestants to (literally) blindly stick their hands into, much to their surprise. Another change that was hinted at is that couples will be featured more prominently instead of single contestants.

The key, as Mr. White explained is the darkness.

“I’ve got to be honest with you, the greatest nuetralizer is the dark itself. Because you think you know what’s going to happen, and the second it doesn’t go exactly the way you thought it might … People talk a lot of smack until the lights go out. It’s a level of darkness that most people just never experienced before. It’s really funny to watch their bravery just disappear in an absolute nanosecond.” – Jaleel White

We also took the opportunity to ask if their could be a celebrity episode, and if Mr. White would take the challenge himself.

We look forward to hearing back from Mr. White on how the conversation with Joe Rogan goes. We will have an eye out for him as a contestant as well, because that definitely was not a no.

Overall, season 2 of Total Blackout sounds like it will be another successful season of ‘watercooler’ entertainment, as Mr. White descibed it. Plus he provided a bonus for Twitter fans of the show (which he apparently follows when the show is on, as he did while in competition on Dancing with the Stars) – those interested in becoming contestants can tweet their interest. SyFy follows these tweets and can redirect tweeters to the casting department for the show.

Season 2 starts October 30, 2012 at 10pm on SyFy. We thank Jaleel White for his answers to our questions, and wish him success with this season.

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