Darth Jar Jar rules Star Wars – Episode 8 reveal

By Michael Vass | December 11, 2015

DISCLAIMER – this is completely a fan theory. It has no basis in fact, and is completely a though exercise of my own. If by a miracle this happens like I describe, I just want a film credit (next to Lumpawarroo) and say $15,000 – or is that too much to ask for Mr. Abrams?

OK, this may take a bit but follow it to the end. You have heard of Darth Jar Jar? If not, look it up.

Darth Jar Jar
Now my theory picks up on that theme. Assuming that Darth Jar Jar is in fact the top Sith, where was he in episode 4/5/6? Why do I say he is the top Sith? Where is he in episode 7?

If Darth Jar Jar (DJJ) is a Sith, he has to be massively powerful. He has fooled Jedi to their face. He was on Coruscant and even Yoda could not notice him. He was able to cloud the force from the entire Jedi Council, at the Jedi Temple (hiding the nature of Anakin), and he was able to Jedi Mind Trick the entire Galactic Senate to get his apprentice Palpatine to be made Emperor.

Note that Emperor is Palpatine’s official title. It is not relevant to his position in the Dark Side. Nor does he ever say he is the top Sith. Yes, Darth Vader calls him master. But the apprentices and force sensitive’s of Vader call him master. All it means is that Vader serve Palpatine, not that Palpatine is the top in the food chain. In fact, the Emperor is Darth Sidious which could mean he is not the top as it does not denote if he is or is not the top dog.

Moving on. If Darth Sidious serves DJJ, he knows how powerful his master is. Sith move up by killing their master. If DJJ is so strong as to be able to cloud Yoda’s ability to see the future, and hide himself from the Jedi Council while on the same planet for YEARS, would you want to take him on directly? Not likely, or he could Mind Trick you into killing yourself. That’s assuming that he does not have massive skill with light sabers, which is possible as DJJ can doge blaster fire and take out opponents with a droid on his foot.

Why risk a direct confrontation. Instead, you need a way to take out DJJ from a distance. But also something that he cannot dodge. Since he can affect minds on a planetary level, there isn’t much that you could throw at him that he can’t dodge. But what if you take out the planet with him on it? He can’t survive space, and a planet blowing up.

That’s why the Death Star was created. It’s the weapon DJJ can’t block or dodge or control. It is too far away, too large, too many people, and too destructive. But it had to be secret.

That’s why so few knew about it. The Trade Federation knew, as they provided the metal. The Banking guild knew as they provided the funds. The Techno Union knew as they provided the parts and some labor (besides slaves, that could be killed without warning). These were the key people in the Separatist movement. They all answered to Darth Sidious, but never knew his identity. They NEVER were on Coruscant, and in fact were kept on the far side of the Galaxy, to limit the chance what they were building would be known.

The last we saw of the designers, they were in an all out war with the clones. They were being blown out of the sky and killed en masse, after the design was handed to Dooku. What if this was a plan of just Palpatine, and he killed them all (at least all the ones that would know and left the rest running into hiding).

Once General Grevious was killed, as was Dooku (who also would have known of the weapon), there was no need to continue the war. There was also no need to kill the Separatist leaders. They couldn’t reveal who Palpatine was, and even if they did the Jedi already knew by that time. But they knew about the Death Star, and that secret had to go to the grave. That’s why Darth Vader was sent to kill them immediately after the Jedi were killed – likely on the order of DJJ.

Still with me? So between episode 3 & 4, DJJ learns of the Death Star. He knew all the resistance leaders, from Padme and his time in the Senate. he could easily have been the one to pass on the plans of the Death Star, to teach his pupil a lesson. It would also take away the one threat to his life.

The reason we don’t see the Emperor in 3, and only briefly via hologram in 4, is because he is busy trying to find out where DJJ has gone, and/or answering to him. Possibly the Emperor is starting to have problems keeping the Empire in line without the covert support of the massive mental powers of his teacher – DJJ.

At the same time, the vision of the future where Luke is seen ruling the Galaxy with Darth Vader was not real. It was a vision implanted by DJJ to keep the Emperor busy. It would mean the Emperor would always have to watch what Vader is doing, fearing Vader would kill him in an attempt to become DJJ’s apprentice. Also, it would give Vader a distraction as he would focus on Luke, as he would believe that vision was his key to greater power. Both Palpatine and Vader would be distracted from keeping exact tabs on DJJ, and following a false path rather than focus solely on the Death Star or other inventions like it.

Vader is desperate for the Death Star plans as it was not supposed to be revealed to the public until after DJJ was dead – the planet he was on would be accused of hiding rebels. Gran Moff Tarkin jumped the gun with Alderaan. But by then it was already too late.

Because of the distraction and false visions of the future, both Vader and the Emperor were too clouded to create a different mass weapon. That’s why they built another Death Star. Plus, once the cat was out of the bag (in their minds) they were fearful that DJJ would retaliate – likely through the rebels who had no Jedi nor force sensitive’s that could protect them from the power of DJJ’s manipulations.

Palpatine may have leaked the Death Star II info in hopes of drawing out DJJ. Hoping he might be with the rebels as they attacked the DS II to make sure it was destroyed. This idea of drawing out DJJ may also have been just another plan in the long con of DJJ. Little pushes here and there, letting people think they are making the right choice when they are being manipulated towards a predetermined outcome.

Now, if you can follow this (and I admit it is not complete or absolutely thought out – I only came to this conclusion today as I introduced the whole DJJ idea to a friend who had not heard of it yet) we come to episode 7. We won’t see DJJ yet. At least not directly. Supreme Leader Snoke may well be the new underling of DJJ. As for the Force being felt throughout the Galaxy? That’s a recruitment call from the most powerful Sith in the Galaxy – the person responsible for the Galactic Senate Mind Trick and clouding the vision of the entire Jedi Council while on the same planet. Again, he likes to pull the strings from a distance – leaving the focus of fighting on everyone but him. What better way to find a worthy apprentice?

But we may get a hint in episode 7 that there is more than what the characters see going on. There is another figure in the background, with yellow eyes in the shadows. This would open up episode 8 for the big reveal. This is why Luke went into hiding – he was quietly trying to track down the Sith behind it all.

In fact, because there has been so much talk, suddenly, about DJJ I think that if JJ Abrams had not considered this before, he is working on it now. Star Wars fans are too caught up in the idea of DJJ. The super deep hidden message is too juicy to leave alone. The money that could be involved is far too enticing for Disney. And think of the spin-off films that could be played with this idea. It’s like the Marvel Phases on a platter. Fans want DJJ, and they will pay to see it realized. Plus it would be a great film idea, one upping Shamalan’s career, and locking Abrams into greatness in a way no filmmaker has done before. Seriously, a hidden plotline that spans 8 films?

So this is a bit long, and not completely though through. But I think you can see what I am talking about if you are a fan. Plus with the Expanded Universe gone, it is completely viable.

But what do you think?

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