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M V Conbsulting, Inc seeks to promote the very best in information and expertise with its online blogs and websites. But all the information in the world is still unknown until someone shares it with you. That is where our writers come in.

  • Michael Vass – President and Founder
    Born in 1968 in the Bronx, NY Mr. Vass is a single African American Puerto Rican. The oldest in a family of 6 children, Mr.Vass went to high school at Evander Childs HS and then attended Rutgers University. While at the university he joined the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. While at the college he studied Philosophy, English and Chemistry and created a short-lived import/export company; upon leaving Rutgers, Mr. Vass went to Russia where he was a director for an international import/export company.

    During the time in Russia, Mr. Vass lived in Moscow and Tsblissi as well as experiencing the attempted coup and the civil war in each city respectively. Upon returning to the U.S. Mr. Vass went to Los Angeles to join a start-up theatrical production company and experienced the L.A. riots as well as the Northridge Earthquake and sadly was in a motorcycle accident that curtailed furthering this venture.

    Mr. Vass then pursued a career in the U.S. securities markets, enjoying a nearly decade long career as a successful securities account executive (stockbroker) before co-creating an investor relations company. The culmination of this experience has been the creation of Black Entertainment USA in December 2005 and Vass in November of 2005 in additon to the opening of M V Consulting, Inc. in August of 2006.

  • Chef Li

    Lisa Squire, a mother of 2 sons (23 and 16), was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. From the early age of 9 she found herself drawn to the world of cooking. Learning first from her Grandmother, the best cook of her family, she grew her experience and abilities self-taught. Her success at family and church functions culminated in 2006 when Chef Li (as she is now known) began cooking for a Maryland family whose career left no time for Sunday dinners. These dinners, which provided the praise that Chef Li should “start a catering business,” led her to formal culinary education.

    At the young age of 40, Chef Li was accepted to the Culinary Institute of America, trained at the Art Institute of Washington in Arlington, Virginia, and finished her degree training at Monroe College in New York.

    Since that time she has worked at Radio City Music Hall, and a non-profit agency making meals for upwards of 600 people per meal. She also did catering service for an inaugural ceremony at a law firm in Washington D.C, an auction at the D.C. Omni Hotel alongside several celebrity chefs, in which she did personal work with Chef Jimmy Sneed (Sugartoad, Chicago), and also worked on O Magazine’s 10th Anniversary at Radio City Music Hall, all in 2009.

    Chef Li continues to work in the culinary field and has expanded her efforts to the internet with M V Consulting, Inc. This allows her to provide recipes and practical knowledge she hopes will inspire future chef’s as she was inspired.

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